Jr. Lone Star—the national U-23 soccer team and coach Thomas Kojo

Can Kojo Prove Prophetic against Meteors on Saturday?

National U-23 head coach Thomas Kojo is an optimist in the face of what others would describe as a burden, and I admire him for that.

Losing 2-0 to Ghana’s Black Meteors last Sunday at the Tamale Sports Stadium in the first leg of the Rio 2016 Olympic qualifiers, Kojo told journalists in Ghana that he is hopeful of qualification.

 Kojo will be inspiring his boys for the return leg at the same venue on Saturday, May 2.

File-photo: Lone of yester-years with the incredible Waniboe Toe, second from left, standing.

Football in Liberia: The Beginning

Football has had an enduring presence in Liberia since the 1950s. The game was played among the scattered communities without a central organization. Available information suggests early an encounter in Monrovia between a local team known as the Young Lions against a select side of expatriates, then working with companies in Monrovia. Though the exact date of the match could not be verified, it was however not played under any organized association. It was simply a game without much of the arrangement and organizations we know today.

Master Hazeley is here to offer services to paramilitary groups

Master Hazeley Returns to Liberia

A retired United States military veteran, Master Herbert E. Hazeley Jr., a native of Liberia, has returned home to offer his services to his people.

Master Hazeley is also a retired New York City and Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice and State Corrections officer.

He is the founder of ‘Kpelle Do’ a form of martial arts similar to Taekwondo that is loosely translated as “The Way of Kpelle Fighting.” He named and developed the art in honor of his Kpelle ancestry to develop the physical and inward strength of its adherents.

‘The General’ with the IE players with their new boots ready for Watanga Saturday

‘The General’ Rallies Support to Reclaim ‘Sunshine Yellow Boys’

“I want Invincible Eleven to regain its past glory,” says Ms. Lydia Jones, president of the IE Majestic Chapter of Philadelphia, in the United States, currently visiting home, in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia. “Therefore IE lovers at home should join in the campaign to make IE better.”

Ms. Jones, known as ‘The General,’ has been visiting several groups, including former players of the association to “come and let us support IE to reclaim our proper place in football in the country.”

Lydia Jones Returns with Help for Invincible Eleven, Kids, Others

Nearly twenty years ago, the local soccer landscape was dominated by ‘Darling Club’ Invincible Eleven and Mighty Barrolle (The Rollers).

At the time, among supporters of Invincible Eleven were three great friends—Lydia Jones, Tonia Klay and Kaddieatu Darra (now Mrs. Kaddieatu Findley).

They were at every game at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, offering their moral support to their Darling Club, also known as ‘Sunshine Yellow Boys.’


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