Liberia: Yekepa Residents Dismiss Reports of ‘Woman Selling Human Parts In Food’

Yekepa, Nimba County, Liberia.

A set of photographs have been making rounds on Meta, alleging that in Yekepa, a woman was found to be using human parts in her food for sale. 

Describing the news as false, barbaric, and inhumane and originating from the belly of the devil, residents of Yekepa, especially the cookshop owners and other stakeholders, have expressed shock over a media publication claiming that ‘a woman was discovered selling human parts in food in Yekepa.’

The Meta report was then published by Hot Pepper, saying a woman has been discovered selling human parts in cooked food sold to the public. The report further that the news of her discovery has sparked concern and mixed reactions among the public. According to the paper, the woman owns a cook shop somewhere in Yekepa but uses human parts as the ingredients for the soup. Where and how she obtains the human bodies is yet to be ascertained.

"Many people are wondering where Liberia is heading to, with the unabated news of rape, secret killings, disappearances, and now human parts for a meal," the Hot Pepper report claimed.

But the head of all communities in Yekepa, Mr. Moses Guanue, in an interview described the information as false and misleading, and that the news was intended to tarnish the reputation of Yekepa and the county as a whole. He said when the news broke, they conducted an investigation to ascertain the cookshop or the particular area where the alleged sale of human parts was discovered, but to no avail.

“We were very surprised by this news when we first saw it on Facebook, but to hear it was in Yekepa [that] the selling took place was very shocking,” he said.

Two cookshop owners, Nanwah Worgbah and Jenneh Saah of Yekepa expressed disappointment in the newspaper and said that since they started selling food in the concession area, nothing of such had ever been reported.

“I have been in the cookshop business for long in Yekepa and I have never heard this kind of news, we only saw it on Facebook, but for people to say that it is Yekepa, is a big lie,” said Mrs. Saah.

The chief of operation at the Liberia National Police Nimba Detachment, Bangadee Sheriff, also expressed shock when asked by this reporter. He said such a report has not reached his office, especially Yekepa, where the alleged incident reportedly took place. A citizen of Nimba, Michael T. Biddle wrote an open letter to the proprietor of Hot Paper, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer, describing the news report doesn’t only deform the county, but it is an intentional disgrace and embarrassment to Nimba.

“I am very concerned about your publication and would urge that, considering this alleged act not to only be criminal but barbaric, inhumane and uncivilized,” Biddle said.

He also urged Mr. Brown to please do the people of Nimba justice by providing all details about the damaging story that has caused anxiety amongst the citizens, asking him to retract the story if he cannot provide details. Nobody is actually taking the news seriously, describing the pictures as fake and doesn’t resemble anywhere in Yekepa or even any part of Nimba.

“The person in the picture doesn’t resemble anyone in Nimba and it appears like it was copied on Facebook to tarnish the County’s image,” he said.