WONGOSOL Announces New Executive Director

Esther S. Davis Yango, Executive Director, WONGOSOL

The Board of Directors of the Women NGOs Secretariat of Liberia (WONGOSOL) announces the appointment of its new Executive Director Ms. Esther S. Davis Yango who is succeeding the Late Madam Marpue M. Speare, peace to her ashes.

Ms. Esther S. Davis Yango is a hands-on networking, strategic planning professional with extended experience in project designing, delivering, evaluating, coordinating capacity building and institutional strengthening with primary focus on women’s rights, psychosocial counseling, advocacy, community mobilization and citizen participation. Ms. Yango is a women’s human right defender and rights advocate who has been spearheading national advocacies for reforms in laws and policies affecting women since 2009. She has played a significant role in ensuring that women voices are heard and their capacity developed to address post conflict activities with respect to women survivors. She has worked with women in ensuring effective participation in decision making at all levels. 

She has worked immensely towards achieving women's leadership and participation ensuring women and girls rise to the national scene. She served as the Network Coordinator for WONGOSOL for over six years. In this position, she coordinated programs and administrative activities of over 150 plus women lead civil society organizations within the fifteen subdivisions of Liberia. Ms. Yango is highly skilled in psychosocial counseling, gender and development program formulation and implementation, including a strong determination and willingness to preside over and/or supervise people. She has over  years’ experience in coordinating women’s activities and project management in areas of Gender analysis, psychosocial counseling, mentoring, women and Youth development training, M&E and is a great team player and strategist. Being a creative and enthusiastic person yearning to improve and implement great skills at the place of work, is her utmost goal.