Winners Inc. Identifies with the Sick during Christmas Holidays

Representatives of Winners Inc. pose with nurses at one of the hospitals that benefitted from the company's festive season gesture.

Liberia’s leading Gaming Company has identified with hundreds of sick Liberians children, sharing gifts (food and non-food items) during the just ended Christmas holidays. The gifts of food and clothing were distributed to several Government Hospitals for children and adults in several Districts across Liberia.

According to the Owner of Winners Inc., Mr. Yacob Batshon, giving back to the Liberian society is its way of affirming the government’s Pro Poor Agenda because Winners Inc. sees itself as a Partner with the government and people of Liberia and must at all times play a positive role in the life of the nation and its people.

"Winners Inc. must contribute to help make not only the season joyous for some people, but must support the Liberian economy by the creation and provision of jobs for the Liberian people," Batshon said.

The season’s gifts benefited unhealthy children and adults in JFK Hospital, Redemption Hospital and the James N. Davies Memorial Hospital, with the recipients expressing thanks and appreciation to Winners Inc. The Administrators and Nurses of the various Hospital spoke of the relief the gifts would bring to the many children and adults, adding that Winners Inc. has a history over the past 10 years of being consistent with its goodwill towards the disabled community in Liberia, something they believe sets Winners Inc. apart from other companies of similar operations.

The consignment was made on behalf of Winners, Inc by Mr. Rebazar D. Forte Sr. under the Operations Department, controlled by Mr. Abraham K. Kollon who deputized for CEO Mr. Amir Avni.