Who is Daniel T. Johnson, Newly Appointed Deputy Secretary of the Robert Flight Information Region?

Daniel T. Johnson is a Liberian who hails from the Southeastern County of Sinoe. He’s one of Liberia’s most consummate and quiet professionals in his area of study. Daniel, by profession, is an Accountant with emphasis in Banking and Finance. He was recently appointed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai as Deputy Secretary of the Robert Flight Information Region (RFIR), an area where he possesses a vast length of experience. His appointment, a few days ago, sparked some sponsored controversies as regards his professional standings and his alleged connection with what his perceived opponents called wire fraud. In the absence of proper investigation, they failed to dig deeper by unearthing the real story but chose to willfully tarnish his high-earned reputation.  For the record, in 2008, Mr. Johnson was set free by the Civil Law Court Judge Boima Konto for charges levied against him and today he’s a free man. This young professional is a devoted Christian and is happily married to Antoinette Bruce Johnson, a union that is blessed with three boys and other adopted children. He is a goal-getter in what he believes and stands for as a professional public and private sector specialist. With such a crux skill in these sectors, one can arguably agree that everyone doesn’t like to be seen in the public space showcasing themselves about what they are made of, and Daniel T. Johnson is no exception.


Many people in society inaudibly preserve unto themselves what they have earned academically, and Daniel T. Johnson is among many of those with such a twig attribute. Johnson is academically strong and has always proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a giant in the world of academia. Daniel Johnson holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Management, Magna Cum Laude from the University of Liberia. At the same University of Liberia, he obtained a Master's Degree in Banking and Finance with distinction. In his quest to develop himself educationally, Daniel T. Johnson acquired certificates and diplomas in various public sector courses, including Senior Executive Leadership & Management, Quality Management System (QMS), Project Planning, Senior Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Road Safety; Road Maintenance Management; Road Sector Reform and Financing; Road Services Procurement & Integrity and post-Graduate Diploma in Microfinance. All these professional credentials were obtained in Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, and Birmingham University in the UK. The New Deputy Secretary of Robert Flight Information Region also holds to his credit other potential skills including proficiency in MS Office applications, QuickBooks, Quicken, Atlas, and Microfinance. 

Professional Working Experiences

In his entire career, Daniel T. Johnson has always been a multi-tasking Financial, Business Development Administrator with over twenty years of experience in managerial and financial systems, coupled with a strategic outlook and proven leadership ability.  He has worked on a permanent professional contractual basis for various international, regional, and local organizations which include but are not limited to the: Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), UNDP, LEAP Microfinance, IESC/IBEX, Ministry of Labour, GiZ, The Salvation Army, ALCC, WANEP-Liberia, KaSaWa, PMS International, AfDB; Data Technology Solutions Inc., Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Financial Intelligence Unit of Liberia, Ministry of Transport, and the Roberts Flight Information Region, etc. Daniel also possesses an in-depth experience in Public Sector Financial Management/Budget cycle analyses: Public Expenditure Analyses & Reviews; Mid-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and Design and monitoring of administrative procedures.

His vast experience with PFM regulations with related institutional and organizational development and capacity with multi-stakeholders gives him an added advantage to be a top-notch Public-Sector guru. His work experience in the Sub Region, yea Ecowas, demonstrates that he has vast knowledge when it comes to the workings of the Robert Flight Information Region rules and regulations.

Johnson Public Sector Accomplishments

All through his places of work, Johnson has demonstrated an excellent working habit to ensure that he meets his goals. We will illustrate some of his major achievements and accomplishments in some places he has worked. At the Central Agriculture Research Institute, where he served as Program and Finance Officer between 2005 and 2007, Mr. Johnson designed and conducted statistical agricultural data/research in the designated sector and planned and supervised administrative and financial programs of subordinate staff. He also developed, maintained, and monitored all program budgets (peri-urban, livestock, soil management, value addition, etc.) and prepared all program budget status reports; maintained and managed all petty cash accounts; Prepared quarterly, semi-annual, and annual cash plan reports for onward submission to the Head of CARI. At CARI, he assisted in the development and compilation of a consolidated annual budget for all departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and assisted in the design of the Ministry of Agriculture’s annual implementation plan. His public sector experience also took him to the Ministry of Transport where he served as Technical Focal Person for Planning and project policy. In that capacity, Mr. Johnson developed a comprehensive work plan and reporting format for all projects in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. In that same project, he served as team lead in policy formulation and set standards to facilitate and promote improvements in expanding all aspects of transportation. He is credited for championing the review and passage into law of the Axle Load Bill in 2015 that made Liberia compliant with the ECOWAS Supplementary Act/SP.17/02/12 relating to the harmonization of standards and procedures for the control of dimensions, weight, and Axle Load of goods vehicle within the Member States of ECOWAS.

Between 2013-2014, Mr. Johnson served as Financial Comptroller of the Financial Intelligence Unit, now the Financial Intelligence Agency. In that portfolio, the outstanding financial expert ensured that all statutory requirements of the FIU were met, including Withholding Payments (Income Tax). In that position, Mr. Johnson also documented and maintained accurate supporting information for all financial transactions by developing and maintaining financial accounting systems for cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit control, and petty cash.

Johnson’s Private Sector Accomplishments 

Daniel T. Johnson is just not a public sector guru but also a private sector specialist.  In the Private sector, Mr. Johnson worked with several institutions, but in this article, we will account for his stewardship at two of the institutions.  At the UNDP, Johnson served as a Finance Assistant. In this position, Johnson was charged with the responsibility to establish financial procedures (receipts, payments, disbursements, & filing procedures) within the service center; ensuring that financial procedures were in place and complied in line with financial/accounting requirements. Mr. Johnson also ensured an efficient financial flow process and timely payments of goods and services required for the implementation of project activities. From 1997 to 2000, Johnson worked at PATFC Auditing Firm where he served as Senior Audit Assistant. At PATFC, Johnson set up books of original entry and prepared consolidated cash flow statements, and statements of owners’ equity. He was in full charge of audits of small and medium-sized clients‌ supervised up to four audit staff per engagement, and frequently supervised two audit teams concurrently.

What Does Johnson Take to the RFIR

Since 2017 up to date, Johnson has been an employee at the Robert Flight Information Region where he served as the Principal Administrative Manager. With such a position and with a vast knowledge of the Robert Flight Information Region, Mr. Johnson is overly qualified for the post of Deputy Secretary General for the entity, a clarion legacy that makes him best suited for the job.  In that position, Johnson led and provided supervision in the preparation and follow-up of meetings of senior officials of the RFIR.  He Prepared, supervised, and carried out the work program of the SG/DST/DSA by determining priorities and allocating resources for the completion of the outputs and their timely delivery. With his worth of experience, Johnson also carried out the administrative tasks necessary for the functioning of the office, including the preparation of budgets, reporting on its performance, evaluation of staff performance, interview, and evaluation of candidates for job openings, etc. He managed and fostered teamwork and communication among staff in the organization.  In said position Johnson Reviewed correspondence and relevant official documents, highlighting pertinent information and those requiring attention, ensuring follow-up as necessary, and alerting the DSA and SG on issues requiring urgent attention, especially in the area of financial and budgetary management. At RFIR, Johnson served as liaison with the government, other officials & organizations as regards to administrative matters to achieve RFIR objectives; Supported & documentation of decision-making process of the institution in close collaboration with other division heads.


Liberia has some of the best young technocrats and, as a country coming out of years of civil unrest, it takes these technocrats to salvage a broken nation through their education. Many times, we vilify our own only because we don’t know who they are, their level of education, what they stand for, or what they bring to the table when it comes to Liberia’s transformation. It is because of Liberians' critical and negative appreciation towards their fellow men that most of these professionals keep their cool behind the scene and contribute quietly to nation-building. Daniel T. Johnson finds himself among these Liberians who are silently building and transforming Liberia in every sphere of life that comes his way.

Congratulations DTJ, go and serve well.

About the Author:

Derrick Ernest Clarke is a professional Liberian Journalist with 20 years of experience in the field of journalism and political studies. He has worked both in the electronic and print media.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from the University of Liberia, and a Master in International Relations from the University of Liberia, along with several other certificates in various journalism disciplines. He has served as a lecturer at several Journalism Institutes in Liberia. Among other experiences shaping the field of journalism through education, Mr. Clarke has written a number of articles ranging from politics, economics and the society.

He can be contacted by : dernest1979@gmail.com /0775645830