Who Collects Revenue at Invincible Sports Park?

The entrance of the Recreation Sports Park.

— Rep. Kolubah Writes House of Representatives  for intervention

The House of Representatives has been asked to invite the General Service Agency (GSA) and others to provide an account for revenue collected at the Invincible Sports Park.

The park, since it opened in April, according to Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County District #10, has been operating in the shadows with limited information about which government entity collects and controls the park's revenues and who also maintains the park.

Rep. Kolubah added that the maintenance of the park is imperative for safety and, if damaged, it would deteriorate faster. “Since the park’s dedication, Liberians do not know who collects and controls the park's revenues and who also maintains it. The park collects thousands of dollars weekly, yet we do not know where the money is going. “

“So it is important that the House invite GSA, the Ministry of Youth of Sports, the Liberia Revenue Authority, the Ministry of State to come and give detailed information regarding the maintenance and revenue generation.”

The construction of the US$2 million sporting facility was supervised by the Minister of State Without Portfolio, Trokon Kpui, and funded by the National Port Authority (NPA), National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), and the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA).

Reports say the Office of the Minister of State Without Portfolio is collecting the revenues and is responsible for the maintenance of the Park. The Invincible Sports Park is located between the James Spriggs Payne Airport and Tubman Boulevard, directly opposite the home of former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It contains a mini FIFA football pitch, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, as well as a track and field stretch, a mini children’s playground, a swimming pool, and a parking lot.

Rep. Kolubah, in whose constituency the park is located, said the facility is being used presently on a daily basis; as such, the Liberian people deserve to know about its revenue generation. 

“My concern has been drawn to the proper maintenance and revenue generation, which needs to claim the attention of the August Body,” Rep. Kolubah said in a letter to his colleagues. “Since the dedication of the Park, nothing has been heard about how the structure is to be maintained and how revenue is being generated and who is presently in charge of it.”

Meanwhile, the House has voted to forward Rep. Kolubah’s communication to the Joint Committee on Youth and Sports and Public Utilities and report within two weeks.