Witchcraft Activity Resurfaces in Nimba


Another episode of witchcraft activity is said to have resurfaced in Nimba County, this time involving a 13 year-old boy and several others around the LPRC Community in Ganta.

In this latest witchcraft activity, the teenage boy confessed of bewitching many young ladies and obstructing several development initiatives in their community.

The 13 year-old boy (name withheld) told the gathering that in performing witchcraft, he sometimes placed a spell at a neighbor’s  doorstep or in their yard and whenever someone steps on it, it causes serious foot problems that may lead to the person’s death.

He appealed to their landlord, one Mrs. Gbarpoe, for pardon because, according to him, he was responsible for the landlord’s daughters not getting married.

He confessed to having taken the ladies’ underwear (panties) into the dark world, where their futures were transformed, causing them to appear dull to any men that came across them. 

Last year, witchcraft activities flared up across Nimba County involving several younger and older people.

Most of those involved were transferred to the zoes, where they were given oaths of disinitiation or discontinuance of the practices for the rest of their lives.

In April last year, dozens of citizens of Blunh Town on the Saclapea Road were taken to the Buu–Yao town called Dahnplay to take oath for their alleged involvement in witchcraft activities.

Although, trial by ordeal is no longer practiced in Nimba, yet witch doctors are busy arresting people accused of being witches.

In this latest case in Ganta, it was one Papa who arrested the 13 year-old and some other elderly women accused of being witches.


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