‘Son’s Murderer Is Also a ‘Rapist’


A surprising story has emerged regarding the true identity of the father of a 10 year-old Liberian boy, Barway Collins, whose body was found April 11 in the Mississippi River in Brooklyn Center in the United States.

  Barway’s father, Pierre Collins of Crystal, Minnesota, has ever since been considered the prime suspect in the murder of his son as a result of tangible evidence in the possession of Minnesota State security authorities. He is charged with second-degree murder, according to information reaching the Daily Observer.

  He is currently behind bars awaiting trial for his son's murder, though he told police prior to his arrest "If they have enough, (evidence) they should come and get me."

  But in what may be considered another twist to the entire episode, the biological mother of Barway Collins has made a revelation about the true identity of the man she considered her deceased child’s father.

  The boy’s mother, Ms. Louise Karluah, who spoke to the popular Liberian Top Talk-Show host, Mamadee Diakite, painted a terrible picture of her encounter with Pierre Collins when she was only 15 and a student in a refugee camp.

  Ms. Karluah told Diakite, “I was fifteen years old in Ghana in the eighth grade. He was our French teacher. He called me inside for an assignment and started to pet me and raped me.  That’s how I got pregnant with Edwin (Barway’s real name).

  Ms. Karluah said after she got pregnant, Pierre asked her to abort the pregnancy. Because of her refusal to do as he demanded, she said, “He disowned the pregnancy. He was very wicked to me.”

  “My son was precious; he was my hope and he was a smart boy who promised to do things for me. He used to send me money. If (Pierre) Collins stands before me today, I will kill him – he is a very wicked man,” she told Diakite.

  She also revealed that she sent her son to the United States and did not speak with him on the phone until 2013. During their conversations, Ms. Karluah said, Barway told her he was physically punished and she counseled him to “be obedient.”

  She also disclosed that Collins informed her when Barway went missing.

According to reports from Crystal, Minnesota, funeral arrangements for young Barway will be held on Saturday at Shiloh Temple in north Minneapolis, the family spokesman, Pastor Harding Smith, said Tuesday.

  Barway’s body, according to Pastor Smith, was released by the medical examiner to Estes Funeral Chapel in Minneapolis and that the father has relinquished all funeral and burial arrangements to him.

  It is anticipated that Barway’s biological mother will attend the funeral, as efforts are underway to ensure that she gets there on time.

  “I have tried to wait until Barway’s mother gets here,” Star Tribune quotes Smith as saying. “I think it is very important for a mother to be here to bury her son.”

  Barway went to the United States from Liberia when he was 5 to join his father, who had arrived there a few years earlier.

 Several members of the Liberian immigrant community also want Barway’s biological mother to be at the funeral.

  Meanwhile, Pierre Collins, who has been charged with second-degree murder in the boy’s death, remains in the Hennepin County jail with bail set at US$2million. Barway, whose body was discovered bound with duct tape, had been missing since March 18.


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