Senator Cooper’s Nephew Escapes Assassination


A nephew of Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper last Friday reportedly survived an assassination attempt after an unknown gunman allegedly shot twice at the windshield of his vehicle.

Mr. Samuel Cooper, who is the manager of Westwood Construction Company, was returning to his house in the Fish Market community in Sinkor when a man stopped him as he approached his fence and shot at him and his body guard.
Mr. Cooper was lucky because the bullets that riddled the front windshield of his car did not hit him or his body guard.

He confirmed the incident when journalists converged at his house early last Friday morning.

Narrating his ordeal, Mr. Cooper said, the incident occurred at 4:30 a.m. on Friday after he had ended a business meeting with some of his partners in the Congo Town community in Monrovia and was returning to his house.
“Thank God that nothing happened to me and my guard,” Mr. Cooper told journalists, adding, “My lawyers have already informed the police and they are conducting an investigation, so I cannot speak further on what happened on Friday night.”

“I did not recognize the man because the rain was pouring down heavily and immediately after he shot at the car twice, he hurriedly took to his heels,” said Mr. Cooper.
“I don’t have any idea why people would want to kill me. I am just a simple businessman and we are only competing in the construction sector, so why would somebody want to kill another person,” he wondered.

Cooper said he will do everything possible to ensure that the perpetrator is brought to justice.
“We are going to follow this until we know who is trying to kill me,” Mr. Cooper declared.

“It is the first time that I have been attacked and I don’t know why people want to kill me.”

When asked whether he had a disagreement with anyone before the incident, Mr. Cooper responded, “Yes, there are disagreements among some of us executives of construction companies, but I can’t say that they are behind the plot to assassinate me.”
He did not mention the name of anyone.
“When the appropriate time comes, you are going to know who is behind this incident, because we are going to take legal action against anyone that is involved in the failed assassination attempt,” Mr. Cooper vowed.

Confirming the disagreement among local construction companies when he spoke with journalists recently, Mr. Foday Kamara, president of the Association of Liberia Construction Contractors (ALCC) admitted that there was rivalry among members of the association.
“The whole thing is that they are fighting over the awarding of contracts by the government,” the ALCC president said, but he did not name any executives involved. “What we are trying to do is to bring them together and resolve some of their concerns,” he said.


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