Rainstorm Renders 2000 Homeless


The rainstorm that struck the town of Jarkaken in River Gee County on Wednesday April 22 rendered 2,500 people homeless.

The rainstorm also damaged 97 houses 16 of which were completely destroyed.

The report also indicated that some vital religious and educational institutions were extensively damaged or  destroyed.

Affected institutions included  a six classroom annex to the Kaytoken Elementary and Junior High School, Christ United Church, God United Methodist Church and the Liberia Lutheran Church.

The report further said victims of the rainstorm have sought refuge in open and abandoned buildings, and with relatives and friends in Jarkaken.

Also destroyed were seven paddy rice kitchens.

When contacted in Monrovia, River Gee County Representative Christian Chea sounded an urgent SOS appeal to the National Disaster Relief Commission (DRC), churches, mosques and non-governmental organizations for food, material and medical assistance for the victims.

According to some of the victims, who spoke to the Daily Observer vie mobile phone on Monday, they appealed for materials such as zinc, steel rods, planks, nail, cooking utensils and clothing of all kinds.

In an interview yesterday vie mobile, Clan Chief Daniel Keh he said his newly built house was completely destroyed.

For his part, teacher Albert Dweh told the Daily Observer yesterday that he and his family of six persons have been rendered homeless.


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