Pregnant Mother, 6 yr-old Son Drown in Nimba


A lady, believed to be seven months pregnant, and her six year old son, last Thursday lost their lives by drowning in the St. John River near Duo Town on the boundary with Bong County.

According to the Liberia National Police, the lady, along with four children, was washing clothes on the bank of the river.  They were from the nearby village called Yorpea within the locality of Duo Town Meinpea Mah Administrative District.

The lady, Theresa Mahnpea, 30 and her son Kiapah Saye, 6, got drowned a few meters right of the bridge linking Nimba and Bong near Duo Town.

A police source told this newspaper that the area the lady chose to do her washing was very close to one of the deeper parts of the river.

As she was washing, one of her children, the six-year old boy, suddenly jumped into the river to swim.

Every attempt the lady made to get the boy out of water failed as he repeatedly jumped back into the river whenever he saw his mother bending down washing.

Unfortunately the water swept the boy to the deeper parts and while he was drowning and crying for help, his mother jumped into the water to rescue her son, but couldn’t because she was unable to swim.

The lady along with her son suddenly disappeared from the other children who were standing nearby.  The bodies were found some meters apart from one another the next day, (last Friday), after a vigorous search.

They have since been buried by family members as there was no foul play suspected, according to police.


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