Man Drops Dead in the Street


On Monday, a man identified only as Old Man Tullay dropped dead as he walked towards Miami Beach, Mamba Point.

Eye witnesses, who observed the man walking at a normal pace said that as he approached Nelson Street towards Miami Beach, he suddenly fell face down onto the pavement.

“The man was just walking and then the next minute, he dropped flat on his face. There was no warning sign at all” exclaimed Michael Swaray, a bystander.

The man, who was not properly identified at the time, is said to have relatives living in Monrovia.

A health worker, who arrived on the scene in response to numerous calls about a dead body in the street, also says he knew the victim.

“He’s the little brother of Maximore, who lives in town. I know that he was sick recently and was given some money by his father to take treatment, but I don’t think he has been to the hospital yet,” stated the Ebola task force health worker who asked not to be named.

A man brought mineral water in a sack and began pouring it on the unresponsive man who lay stiff on the pavement. Some people took sticks to nudge the man to see if he was still alive, but to no avail.

“Cane juice alcohol killed him.  Instead of taking treatment, he preferred drinking,” volunteered a bar owner working at Miami Beach.

Meanwhile, Old Man Tullay’s body has been removed and relatives have been notified of his demise.


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