Man Caught Red Handed in DV Lottery Scam


A woman living in the Caldwell vicinity has brought to the attention of the media that she has been scammed out of hundreds of dollars by a man claiming to help her to go to the United States.

The Liberian National Police in Caldwell arrested a Guinean national commonly known as Monnahme at the end of October, for defrauding a female resident of hundreds of dollars in a Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery scam.

“He won the DV and charged the woman from the Gardnersville community US$2,000 to marry him so she can follow him to America as his wife. After she paid the money and he spent all of it going back to Guinea to straighten out his documents. Upon his return to

Liberia, he went ahead and charged another woman living in Caldwell US$1,000 to do the same thing,” stated a source affiliated with the Zone 7 depot.

According to a report written by the complainant who asked not to be named, Monnahme was given US$700 by the complainant.

“I spoke with my husband in America about it and he liked the idea and gave me the money. It wasn’t until I was at Internal Affairs signing our marriage certificate two weeks ago when a woman working there informed me that his DV documents had already been processed and a woman bearing the name that he sold to me was the same woman who he processed with,” she added.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is one of the easiest ways for many Liberians to enter the United States. And with the growing demand of winners needing money to travel there, DV has become somewhat of a game, literally.

With the fast growing sale of “husband/wife spot” that has become trendy among some DV winners in Liberia, the game is becoming foul.

“I wanted to go to America and want to get Monnahme to consider the deal, but he insisted that I won’t be going. So let him give me my money, or he’ll sit in jail until I get it,” added the complainant.

Meanwhile, now that Facebook has brought in 30 social, research and informative websites for free, making sure to do one’s research on activities that involve money should be a priority. After all, the game can become a tricky one if you don’t know how to play.

“I’ll play this time and see what will happen, but I will keep looking for someone who has won. My fingers are crossed both ways,” the complainant added.

Meanwhile, Monnahme has since paid 80% of the money back to the complainant and has been given a deadline to pay the remainder before the week end.


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