4 Day Old Baby Abandoned


A 4-day old baby boy was last Wednesday night found abandoned near a septic tank in Cooper Farm near Newport Street in Monrovia. The baby was reportedly discovered at 10:29p.m.

 In a telephone interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, resident Paul Gibson, who has resided in the community for the last 14 years, said the baby was found lying down near the septic tank on the cold ground, sucking his fingers.”

 He said the shouts of a neighbor, identified only as Varney, who came across the baby, drew his attention.

 “When I rushed there,” Gibson said, “I picked him up and instantly it occurred to me that the child was hungry.”

 Gibson immediately contacted a new mother identified as Mariamu, who felt sorry for the infant and began to breastfeed him.

 “The child hungrily began to suck the breast and it confirmed my fears that it was extremely hungry,” Gibson narrated.

  Gibson said he called the Women & Children Protection Unit of the Liberia National Police, who sent an officer, identified as Bility to take possession of the baby.

 “Later we searched for the infant’s mother but we could not find her,” Gibson told the Daily Observer.

The infant could belong to any of the young women involved in illicit drugs somewhere in the community, Gibson commented.

 He marveled that if God and luck had not been on the infant’s side, someone could have walked or stepped on the child which could have led to its death.

 “Young women should be careful how they treat babies,” Gibson cautioned, adding, “if there is a situation where a woman cannot manage her child, an arrangement could be made for someone to care for him.”

 A source at the Women & Children Protection Unit at the LNP confirmed the story, but gave no further details.

 “We are conducting an investigation to get the mother,” the source said, “and we are taking care of him.”

  The pictures of the infant, described as Baby X, were featured on the social network site, FaceBook and Gibson commented, “Let’s pray for the child.”


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