‘We Must Put Our House In Order

Lofa County Senator, Steve Zargo.

-- Senator Zargo warns President Weah regarding the Guinea scenario

Lofa County Senator, Steve Zargo, has warned President George M. Weah to take note of the situation in neighboring Guinea and do everything possible to prevent it from occurring in Liberia.

In an interview with newsmen in Monrovia on Monday, September 6, 2021, Senator Zargo said reasons for dethroning President Alpha Condé can be attributed to similar issues in Liberia, and the Liberian leader must take cue from the situation.

Senator Zargo, who serves as Chairman the Senate Committee on Security, Intelligence and veteran affairs, said the Guinean situation is as a result of mismanagement, excessive politicization and corruption, which are similar to happenings in Liberia under the George Weah Administration. 

“We must remedy the situation by putting our house in order. As we speak, I hope the President is having a meeting with national security and, in the end, it will take some practical steps to ensure that our borders are protected and not only with the military but with other security apparatuses,” Senator Zargo said.

Senator Zargo said what is happening in Guinea should be a major concern for everyone in Liberia because the two countries share porous borders, cultural similarities, ethnicities and so much else in common.

“We should be following it, especially those in the media, government and people in the private sector as well. It’s very important for all of us and I hope by now the Chief Executive is meeting with national security for us to have a way forward,” Senator Zargo said. 

Senator Zargo, who is a member of ECOWAS parliament, said the regional body through its heads of state and Nigeria, have condemned the situation in neighboring Guinea and called on the junta leadership to return to calm. 

Senator Zargo added that the decision by Alpha Condé to amend the constitution triggered the current situation in Guinea, although ECOWAS tried to make some interventions that did not materialize. “Why will Condé want to go for a third term at the age of 83 years? He should be resting,” Senator Zargo said.

According to him, Goodluck Jonathan, former president of Nigeria along with other African leaders, served their respective terms and relinquished power, and Condé needed to follow suit. The Senator said he believes that in a country with a two-term presidency, the leader should serve his or her term and step aside immediately when the term is over or he or she is defeated in an election.

He said Goodluck Jonathan is currently in Mali and Mali is expected to conduct elections in December of this year and have new leadership in February of 2022. He also disclosed that Condé was not in a good relationship with France due to the decision to seek a third term and said it was uncalled for.