WANEP-Liberia Holds General Meeting to Endorse New Board, National Coordinator

Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles pledged her commitment to the growth of WANEP shortly after she was named National Coordinator

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding in Liberia (WANEP-Liberia) a non for profit Civil Society working group (CSOs) has concluded its two- day Annual and General Meeting (AGM) that witnessed the change of its National Coordinator, Madam Victoria Willie as well as board members. 

Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles was named WANEP-Liberia National Coordinator while Francis Johnson Allison was also added as a board member.

The meeting that was held in Monrovia from July 8-9, 2021 brought together representatives from the 23 Civil Society organizations that are members of the network under the theme, “The Rule of Law: An Indispensable Ingredient for Liberia’s Peace and security.” 

Madam Wollie, the outgoing national coordinator, said in an interview that the meeting should have been held between January and February, but due to so many challenges including the COVID-19, the meeting was pushed to July which has been held with all of the preventive health measures to ensure participants safety. 

She said the meeting allows the 23 network CSOs organization to        receive reports and endorse policy as well as make decisions for the proper running of the institution.

Madam Wollie said WANEP-Liberia has been involved in many advocacy works surrounding the peace and security of the nation since the end of the war.

Making reference to the Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), Madam Wollie said it is one of the programs within WANEP that has promoted women peace and security.

Madam Wollie named the conflict prevention program and the governance and human rights program that allow them to ensure peaceful elections through awareness and electoral reform to address future violence.

She said the organization has also been proactive in ensuring that the issue about sexual and gender based violence is addressed as a means of creating a safe environment for women and girls.

Madam Wollie said ensuring that WANEP remains relevant among civil society organizations is one of the greatest achievements she can boast of as an outgoing National Coordinator of the institution.     

Joseph D. Howard, Executive Director, Center for Justice and Peace Studies, said “This meeting is an opportunity that is created for all WANEP’s actors to be able to come together to reflect on programs, review policies, and plan for future activities through instituting new board members to ensure that our vision and mission are achieved.”

Howard said the meeting also helps the institution to look at its past record and improve where necessary.

Atty. Tonieh Tarley Wiles, WANEP-Liberia National Coordinator, appreciated the team for having the confidence to serve the institution and pledged her full commitment to the growth of the institution.

 About WANEP

WANEP began in 1998 as a response to the decade-long civil war in Liberia with the vision to ensure the West Africa region is characterized by just and peaceful communities where the dignity of the human person is paramount and where people can meet their basic human needs and decide their own direction.

Its mission is to create and facilitate mechanisms for cooperation among CSOs based peacebuilding practitioners and organization in West Africa by influencing policy on peacebuilding and conflict transformation, and promoting cooperative responses with state actors to address the root causes of violence and conflict; providing the culture through which these practitioners and institutions regularly exchange experiences and information on issues; and promoting West Africa’s social cultural values as resources for peacebuilding. 

WANEP operating principle and values include beliefs in mutual respect; transparency and accountability; gender equality and zero tolerance to discrimination; collegiality, teamwork and dedication to duty; tolerance and respect for diversity; justice for all; quality delivery and collaboration and consultation.