Veronica M. Gurley, Former Deputy Minister of State Dies at 72

Mrs. Veronica Gurley.

Veronica M. Gurley, a former stateswoman, has died. Rev. Gurley died in the morning of Sunday, August 22, 2021 after a brief period of illness.

The former stateswoman turned pastor, died at the age of seventy-two at St. Joseph Catholic Hospital in Congo Town. Rev. Gurley was admitted into the hospital for typhoid and malaria, her daughter Carrinne of Maryland, the USA said. She began her public service work as a statistician at the Ministry of Planning in 1971.  She also served as Deputy Minister of State for Economic Affairs at the Ministry of State during the military regime and subsequent civilian administration of President Samuel K. Doe from 1980 to 1990.  

She would continue her public service up until her retirement in 2001, as Deputy Minister of State under the preceding interim governments of President Amos C. Sawyer, Chairman of the Council David D. Kpormakpor, Chairman of the Council Wilton G. S. Sankawulo Sr., Chairman of the State, Ruth Perry and President Charles Taylor.

Her daughter, Mrs. Carrinne Mappy Cooper, confirms that “On Thursday, August 19, her mother exhibited weakness with a low grade fever and was taken to St. Joseph Catholic Hospital where she was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid. A COVID-19 test was administered to rule that out as a possible cause, but the result was negative. 

Following a week of treatment for typhoid and malaria, her oxygen levels and pulse began to fluctuate. Doctors concluded her heart was the cause of the continued low oxygen problems and were preparing to transfer her to JFK Hospital. However in the early morning hours of Sunday she experienced a pulmonary embolism and succumbed to her illness.”

Her death leaves her extensive family, friends and former colleagues shocked and in total disbelief that their much beloved and caring mother is no more. Rev. Gurley remained in retirement when the National Transitional Government of Liberia, led by Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, took the helm of state.

Her daughter says “Our mother did retire from public service in 2001 after having served her country with distinction and honor, " and will be missed his mother for the selfless love and care she gave to her grandchildren and countless others who crossed her path.

Madam Gurley’s Christian Life

She spent her retirement years consumed by her 2 deepest passions, tending to her flowers as a proprietor of a floral company and tending to God’speople as Senior Pastor of Christ Tabernacle Ministries, a church she founded and managed. The church’s Associate Pastor, Rev. John Gborjoquelli commented that “Rev. Mother Gurley was a benevolent, very generous person. She was our Senior Pastor, but her position did not create any barrier between her and anyone one of us, not even children in the Ministry,” 

He said Rev. Mother Gurley was a devout Christian who gathered children on the last Sunday of each month and served them cooked rice, fried chicken, and sweet drinks. “From 2007 up to her death, she held this special party without any break. We all had fun whenever she was around and she always used her own money without asking anyone to contribute,” he recalled.

Ms. Gurley leaves to mourn the loss of her daughter Mrs. Carrinne Mappy Cooper and her son, Zac Emmanuel Yeaney, and a host of relatives, lifelong friends, and colleagues from all around the world.