Veep Taylor Lauds Bridge Liberia’s Support to Gov’t

First from left, Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor, Bridge Liberia Managing Director Gbovadeh Gbilia, Mrs. Melody Mezay-Ketter and others

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has lauded Bridge Liberia, the Ministry of Education main and biggest partner in the Leadership and Education for Africa Project (LEAP) for the support to the Government of Liberia in the education sector.

Speaking during a courtesy session with Bridge Liberia senior management headed by its Managing Director, Gbovadeh Gbilia, the Vice President expressed how important it was for every government to prioritize quality education for its youth.

According to Madam Taylor, Bridge Liberia came into the education sector during a critical period and has made tremendous efforts over the years, which she indicated that she is very proud to acknowledge the interventions. 

She insisted that the conversation around education must be holistic, taking into account equity for both girls and boys.

Under Bridge Liberia, girls are not only encouraged to stay in the classroom during pregnancy, but are also encouraged to return to school during the postnatal period, an initiative and approach which has been adopted by the Government as a national policy.

The Vice President reiterated the popular cliché that indeed education is the surest way to get out of poverty, emphasizing how Bridge Liberia is supporting the Liberian government to prepare its future generation for different future of the country.

Meanwhile, Bridge Liberia Managing Director also pledged the organization's continuous support to the government to improve learning outcomes for every child currently in the Bridge Liberia programme and those anticipating to join.

Bridge Liberia has been supporting the government since 2016, and is in 171 public primary schools in 11 of Liberia’s 15 counties. 

An independent three-year study (RCT) showed statistically significant improvement in learning outcomes across Bridge Liberia supported schools. In a Gold standard RCT, students supported under Bridge Liberia programme were found to benefit by an equivalent of 2.5 years more of learning in just three (3) years.