US$70K Elementary School Opens in Grand Kru County

Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa has formally dedicated one of his four school projects in Chemgbetee Town, Dorboh Statutory District, Grand Kru County, which put to end the miseries of over 300 school-going kids who usually walk about two hours to the nearest school in Doeswen.

The construction cost including the furniture and instructional materials of the 9-classroom facility, known as the John Fannoh Karpeh Elementary School is US$70,000.

The school is named in memory of Elder John Fannoh Karpeh, the maternal grandfather of the Deputy Speaker,  from Buah Statutory District.

During the school's dedication, Grand Kru County District #2 Coordinator, Chris Joboe, on behalf of the Deputy Speaker, said Cllr. Koffa has broken the generational barrier to ensure the next generation benefits from quality and quantitative educational opportunities in line with the adage that says: “A statesman thinks about the next generation while a politician thinks about the next election.”

Joboe said: “Besides the school projects, the Deputy Speaker ǐs also constructing handpumps, five of which have been completed as the time; providing scholarships to more than 500 children and giving microloans to women; tools to farmers and contributing to the renovation of health centers, schools and town halls; and rehabilitation of roads.” 

Joboe indicated that recently, the Deputy Speaker has disbursed  US$1,400 to the Francis Forkay Doe Elementary & Junior High School in Bolloh Barforwin and donated 50 bags of cement and four bundles of zinc to the A.A. Hoff Elementary & Junior High School in Big Suehn, Kplio Statutory District for the renovations.

The District Coordinator furthered that Ahteenah Radio/TV in Barcayville has been upgraded, land has been procured and construction works of Ahteenah Radio/TV building, have begun.

“Also, the Deputy Speaker has initially contributed US$15,000 and four drums of fuel for the Bolloh road construction,” Joboe stated.

Meanwhile, Chemgbetee Town Chief, Augustine Weah, said with the completion of the school for Chemgbetee Community, children from surrounding communities will now have close access to education.