US$50K Lost, Found and Returned

Emmanuel Tuloe, the commercial motorcyclist who found and returned the bag of US$50,000 and L$100K intact. 


-- A commercial motorcyclist in Nimba has done what most wouldn’t care to do.

Honest answer -- if you found US$50,000 (fifty thousand United States Dollars) and no one was looking, would you report it?

Well, that is exactly what Emmanuel Tuloe, 19, who earns a living as a commercial motorcyclist in Tappita City, Nimba County, did on Sunday, October 10, after he heard on local radio that the owner of the bag he found, containing over US$50,000 and L$100,000, had launched a search for the bag of money.

Tuloe, who is now considered a Good Samaritan, told the Voice of Tappita radio station that he spotted the bag of money while returning from Graie, a town along the Ganta-Tappita highway, precisely between Zeonghain and Volay. And when he heard on the same radio station that the owner of the bag was looking for it, he thought it wise to make contact with the radio station.

The owner of the bag, Musu Yancy, is a business woman, who according to her, takes goods from merchants, finds new customers to whom she sells the goods and returns a share of the proceeds to the merchants.

“We usually take goods from my business partner in Monrovia and, after selling, we return the money,” Yancy told the radio station.

“It had been quite some time since I didn't return money to my business partner due to the bad road conditions,” she added.

“Because of that situation,” she explained, “my partner asked me to send the money to a certain Fulani who would, in turn, take the money to him. While the Fula man was going, the money dropped.”

She narrated that at about 7 p.m. local time, she received a call from the Fulani that the money dropped along the road, prompting her to immediately air an announcement about the missing bag on the Voice of Tappita station.

Upon hearing the announcement, Tuloe reported the bag to the radio station with the exact amount in it. The radio station then contacted Madam Yancy, who was no doubt overjoyed about the find.

“I thank God so much for the money and also tell the young man thank you for his generosity,” she said with joy.

As a show of gratitude, she gave Tuloe, the Good Samaritan, a cash reward of US$1,500 for his honesty.