U.S.-Liberia Presidential Parallels: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

The “Joe-mates”: Liberia’s President-elect Joe Boakai has a lot in common with U.S. President Joe Biden

By Ellis Bill Harmon

Will the 2024 American presidential election determine the fate of Liberia’s 2029 presidential election?

For about two decades, both the United States of America and Liberia have shared similarities in their Presidential results. This discovery was made from a research conducted immediately after George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia, took office in 2017. From there on I started studying the trend until now. Several people were interviewed and a few consider this discovery a mere coincidence. Many, on the other hand, are speculating that a group belonging to a secret society is plotting the succession of heads of state in both countries. 

Below is the trend that I observed, which enabled me to predict the just-ended presidential election in Liberia. And with this trend, anyone can almost predict the winner of future Elections in both countries. Again, it will show sequentially that both countries have repeatedly elected two individuals, with allying qualities around the same time, over the span of approximately 20 years. 

Charles Taylor (08/1997 to 08/2003) and George Bush Jr. (01/2001 to 01/2009)

Charles Taylor has been considered by many Liberians and Sierra Leoneans as troublemaker and a warlord or world criminal for his involvement in the Liberian civil war as well as the Sierra Leonean civil war. George Bush, on the other hand, has also been considered as a troublemaker and warlord or world criminal by many from America and the middle-east for his involvement in the Iraq war.

Ellen J. Sirleaf (01/2006 to 01/2018) and Barack H. Obama (01/2009 to 01/2017)

After the Charles Taylor regime, Ellen Johnson made history by becoming Africa’s first female president. Likewise, after the George Bush Jr. regime, Obama also made history by becoming America’s first black president. Both presidents served two terms and went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize. “It is safe to say,” in the words of one interviewee, “that two peaceful presidents succeeded two troublemakers.” 

Donald J. Trump (01, 2017-01, 2021) and George Weah (01, 2018-01, 2024 Expected)

In 2016, America elected a celebrity and billionaire real estate tycoon, Donald J. Trump, who served as a one-term president. Liberia, one year later, also elected a celebrity, football legend and millionaire, George Weah, then went on to make him a one-term president as well. He is expected to leave office in January 2024. 

Joe R. Biden (01, 2021-) and Joseph N. Boakai (01, 2024 expected-)

Interestingly, America replaced its celebrity, Donald J. Trump, with Joe Biden, the vice president of the previous government that Trump succeeded. Again, Liberia on the other hand, replaces its celebrity, George Weah, with Joseph Boakai, who is also a former vice president of the previous government that Weah succeeded. Both presidents also share other characteristics: same first and last initials in their names; are both simply referred to as ‘Joe’; and they both made history for being the oldest presidents elected in their respective countries. They each were 78 at the time of their election.

Let us also not forget that, after Liberia elected its first female vice president, Jewel Howard Taylor, America, three years later, went on to elect its first female vice president, Kamala Harris.

Be reminded that Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society in 1822. Since then, both countries have shared everything, from their political to their social structures, and from the dishes in their homes to the slangs in the streets. However, the above revelation is a testament that Liberia shares far more than just the material and non-material culture of the United States. They share a ‘secret’ that manifests as shocking trends!

Considering these trends, if Joe Biden wins the 2024 American presidential election, does it portend that Boakai will also win a second term in the Liberia 2029 presidential election? Or if Trump wins, does it mean Weah will win also? If the so-called coincidences or apparent ‘plots’ persist, does it mean that the 2028 American election result will predict the 2035 Liberia’s presidential election, and so on? Let us watch and see! 

If a secret society exists as alleged, are these candidates aware, are they in agreement, or are they part of such a group? If so, why did Weah challenge Ellen with a boycott in the Ellen vs Weah 2011 election? Or why did Trump reject the Trump vs Biden 2020 election result? Was Charles Taylor, the man who started the trend, actually sent by this secret society to unseat President Samuel Doe? Is this secret society just a conspiracy theory?

I have thousands of questions on my mind as I conclude this article. What question(s) can you draw from these facts? What other similarities can you spot in the mentioned and unmentioned leaders and periods? And most importantly, what prediction can you make of the future?

The Author 

Ellis Harmon is Liberian-American Real Estate investor and sanitation advocate, based in New Jersey USA. He is  certified in project management and real estate. Contact: harmonellisb@gmail.com / +19089372003