ULAA’s Presidential Aspirant Promises Hope for Liberians

Mr. Frank Flomo Carter, National Executive Vice President, Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA).


A contestant in the pending election for the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas, Frank Flomo Carter, has disclosed that his administration will seek the welfare of desired Liberians wishing to seek academic opportunities in the United States.

“One of my platform items will be to advocate for scholarships for young Liberian students. We need them to be equipped academically and mentally. Because when we leave, we need to leave the Union in able hands.” 

Also, Mr. Carter is of the view that other nationals of different countries in Africa are benefiting from state funds in the United States, citing Somalis as a reference for those benefiting. He says Liberia is not different from those countries and therefore he is promising to work with US state actors to provide similar opportunities for Liberians either in the form of asylum or other programs from which people of the country (Liberia) can benefit. 

 In this direction, he vowed to continue to work with the immigration process of Liberians who are going to be faced with applying for asylum and other immigration statuses.  He added further, “We are going to be there for them when they get here.” He recalled his past role and said, “We lobbied with the US Government to give Liberians who were on this status their Green Card, so they can be legal residents in the US.”  

He also vowed that his administration will collaborate with the Liberian government on bilateral issues, but not without pointing out the ills when they are done. He also promised to push Liberians to get involved with local politics.

According to Carter, when he worked with the State of Ohio as a Manager/Supervisor for Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services, he was able to convince the State to conduct a survey in the Franklin County area to know the number of Liberians living there and he got to know that over 4000 Liberians were residents in that State. He promised that under his watch at ULAA, he will push for more surveys to be done so that Liberians can become relevant in the State. He also mentioned that he is going to push for gender equality under his administration. 

“I am coming to the post with a vast knowledge of experience of working in various positions in ULAA beginning at the chapter level.” 

In addition to what he intends to do when he ascends to the presidency, Carter says those projects that the outgoing administration started and did not complete will be completed under his watch---the construction of the resource center, and the construction of the Diaspora Bank amongst others. 

Who is Frank Flomo Carter?

He is married with three children and has two grandchildren. He is also a business owner. His running mate, Ms. Lucy Wilson-Kear, is a former President of the Liberian Community in Washington, D.C.  According to Mr. Carter, his VP has an impeccable record in community service. Mr. Frank Flomo Carter, who is the present National Executive Vice President of ULAA, has all it takes to head the new administration. He has been with the Union for nearly two decades. 

“I have been with the Union for about 20 years. I have had a number of positions, beginning with the local chapter. When I came over to the US in 1998, I became involved with the local chapter. I served as chairman of the elections commission of the local chapter and was elected to be one of the board members for the local chapter in Columbus, Ohio. I served two terms on the Board before I was asked to serve on the Elections Commission for ULAA. I served as Secretary of ULAA Elections Commission and later became its Chairman,” Carter said. 

The Ohio local chapter he mentioned is the Federation of Liberian Associations in the Americas (FOLAO). It includes five local chapters in the Ohio area. He also served two terms as Secretary General for FOLAO.

“When I became Secretary of the five chapters, only one was active and the rest were dormant. But I was able to revive and activate the whole five chapters and make them all united.” 

According to him, during the four years he headed FOLAO for the first time, the chapter sent 300 bags of rice to Liberia as charity.  “I was also able to make the chapter get 501 C-3 Status. This is a status that the Federal Government gives to an NGO. My administration spent US$1,700 for this process. At the end of my fourth year and was leaving, I left US$6,000 in the coffers for my successors.”

Carter, based on his past record, was made the Regional Vice President of the Northern Region which covers Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and Michigan.  After spending 10 months in this position, he was called by the President, Mr. Vamba Fofana, to fill a void as the National Executive Vice President, as the person who was in the position had resigned.

“I had to come in to end his term. At the end of the two years, I ran and was elected National Executive Vice President.” Delegates are expected from the 19 chapters in the Americas to go to the polls on September 18, 2021, to elect the new administration of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA).