TRIBE launches a Reimagined Model for Startup incubation in Liberia

--- FIVE startups are selected for the 2023 inaugural cohort and will participate in up to four months of build-and-fly incubation, followed by a pitch ceremony to demonstrate learning, impact, and plans for growing the venture beyond the incubator.

TRIBE and Pacha are partnering to build a startup incubator for young Liberian entrepreneurs.

idées is a reimagined model for impact-first, financially viable startups: an incubator to equip young entrepreneurs with the skills, tools and networks to grow, and a vehicle to drive increased startup development investment.

idées is informed by the idea of a productive startup ecosystem renaissance that bridges the chasm between startup development and access to capital and market. TRIBE is committed to building a productive startup ecosystem in Liberia.

Through idées, TRIBE seeks to unlock Liberia’s entrepreneurial and market potential by launching viable startups and attracting increased external investment into Liberia’s startup ecosystem.

By enrolling in the incubator, entrepreneurs and ventures will benefit from:

  • Bespoke training and support. focused on addressing venture-specific challenges and offering personalized support.
  • Business Development services. venture and sector-aligned mentoring and coaching focused on solidifying market positioning and growth.
  • Non-equity capital. Up to USD 4,500 in capital infused into ventures to support operations.
  • Co-working space. Designated co-working space at TRIBE Campus for the founder/CEO to focus on building the venture.
  • Network and opportunity access. An extensive TRIBE and Pacha network of potential funders, partners and supporters.

FIVE startups are selected for the 2023 inaugural cohort, and will participate in up to four months of build and fly incubation, followed by a pitch ceremony to demonstrate learning, impact and plans for growing the venture beyond the incubator.

TRIBE is a nonprofit design, strategy and implementation company improving learning outcomes, facilitating workforce development, and building entrepreneurial ecosystems. The institution is on a mission to design experiences and create alternative solutions that improve the way we teach, learn and employ. 

Idées launch ceremony brought together important industry players to celebrate the beginning of a new experience for the inaugural cohort of five startups led by TRIBE. 


Andy Thornton, Chief Impact Officer at Pacha Co. who expressed his excitement and enthusiasm to partner with TRIBE to make the incubator possible. He was inspired by the model and the work of TRIBE to support entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurs in Liberia. “Business can free people and serve as a tool for change, therefore we are proud to partner with entrepreneurs in Liberia and we hope to be part of that change that will enable more people to be part of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem”, Andy Thornton. 

Wainright Acquoi, Chief Executive Officer at TRIBE, Idées’ model is unique because it emphasizes understanding, learning, and rethinking the challenges and opportunities unique to each startup in the incubator. With this approach, the incubator can unleash and tap into Liberia’s entrepreneurial potential which enhances market growth and strengthens the startup ecosystem. Incubatees receive bespoke training and support services - mentoring and coaching- non-equity capital, founder co-working space, and access to valuable networks. 

Five startups across multiple sectors, including agribusiness, home services, and digital marketing have been selected for the incubator program:

  • Andrew Siafa, the founder and CEO of Kklikz Technologies, LLC, is a Liberian entrepreneur who is passionate about improving digital solutions. His startup focuses on digital marketing, graphics design, and media to provide effective solutions to clients and companies that seek to improve ineffective digital solutions.
  • Chorlyn E. Chor is the founder and CEO of a medical homecare and personal agency called Professional Home Services. Her startup offers services such as laundry, janitorial, maid and educational services. Their goal is to make housing and homecare services more accessible, affordable, convenient, and reliable for everyone.
  • Nimba Ventures Inc is a youth-led agribusiness that specializes in mixed agriculture farming and snail farming. The founder and CEO, Jared Lankah, is passionate about growing highly nutritious snails for market purposes. Their mission is to provide healthy and sustainable food options for consumers while supporting the local farming community.
  • Eco Soap Liberia is a social venture founded and led by its CEO, Linda Seton. They produce mosquito repellent soaps and oils with the goal of preventing the spread of malaria and reducing mosquito-related deaths.
  • Stephen Ellie is the founder and CEO of E-Kima Agricultural Company which is dedicated to delivering effective low-cost and high-quality agricultural products, driven by customer satisfaction. The company primarily is involved in the processing of cassava based products.