The Tolbert & George Family Death Announcement

The late Rev. William R. Tolbert, III


With a sense of immense loss and sorrow, The TOLBERT &  GEORGE FAMILIES in LIBERIA and the DIASPORA announce the  death of Liberia’s National Peace Ambassador, the Honorable  Reverend William Richard Tolbert 3rd on November 1st 2021 at  his Mesurado Compound apartment, Bushrod Island, Monrovia. 

Reverend Tolbert, 68, affectionately called “Bill” was a PATRIOT  and tireless Advocate for Peace and National Unity. He was a  respected Public Servant, a devoted Husband, a Father of 9  children, an Uncle, a Brother and a hugely loved and valued  member of the TOLBERT & GEORGE FAMILIES. The National  Peace Ambassador was the son of Liberia’s Late 19th President  Dr. William Richard Tolbert, Jr. and Late Former First Lady Mrs.  Victoria A. David Tolbert. 

The TOLBERT & GEORGE FAMILIES acknowledge with thanks  and express their appreciation for the countless messages of  Sympathy, Solidarity, Support, Prayers and Love received from  all over Liberia and the world at large. We further thank all  National and International Organizations whom have lent their 

voices to demand a complete and satisfactory resolution to the  HOMICIDE of Liberia’s National Peace Ambassador, His  Excellency Reverend William Richard Tolbert, III, Pastor of the  Zion Praise Baptist Church. 

The TOLBERT & GEORGE FAMILIES encourage the entirety of  Liberia’s Law Enforcement Institutions and Agencies in applying their maximum efforts and utmost professionalism to  determine the cause(s) and/or Persons responsible for Ambassador Tolbert’s death. We fully expect the application of  all appropriate remedies in the circumstances as this will restore confidence in Liberia’s Public Security and its National &  International image.  

Pending investigations and official inquiries, The TOLBERT &  GEORGE FAMILIES will inform the public of FUNERAL  ARRANGEMENTS at a later date. In the presence of our tragedy,  we declare and renew OUR FAITH in GOD and the Liberian  Nation. 

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the  presence of justice.” Martin Luther King, Jr.