Time Running Out For 12-year-old Vincent

…. Mother pleads for help

By Paul M. Kanneh

Everything seems bleak right now. Mother’s business collapsed after spending over LD$200,000 of her capital with no concrete results. A caring mother so desperate to save her son’s life, the last option was to drop out of her nursing school in search of a solution for a strange sickness that had forced her only son out of school. 

Rachel would finally be told what sickness her son, Vincent, is suffering from by doctors at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital (JFK) following a transfer from Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Ganta, Nimba County. “When they told me my son has an enlarged heart, I broke down because I can’t afford money for surgery”, Rachel explains as she wept profusely.

As to whether JFK could help, Rachel said doctors did try to stabilize little Vincent for some time, but the process was too expensive for her. So doctors advised her to seek foreign medical intervention in Ghana, India, or America as the only solution to her son’s problem. “We couldn’t continue to be at JFK because the bill was climbing every day and I could not afford to pay”, Rachel lamented. 

With a recommendation for foreign medical intervention, Rachel says she has nowhere to get money to take her son to Ghana, the closest place. “If I couldn’t afford overnight bills at our local hospital, how do I take my son to Ghana for an operation?” Rachel said as she weeps.  Rachel is aware that her son, Vincent, could say goodbye to this part of the world anytime as she watches him breathe faster all day as the only way to remain alive. “Doctors say the day he stops breathing fast, it means he is no more”, Rachel says of her son, Vincent. 

The only hope for her son’s survival depends on the government of Liberia and humanitarian organizations or individuals. “I stand to lose my only child if the government of Liberia through Joseph Nyuma Boakai and other good citizens don’t come to my aid,” she said in her plea for help. 

At only 12 years old, little Vincent was expected to write the public test for 6th grade. But now he struggles for survival due to an illness whose treatment his mother cannot afford. He is seen every day lying on his back in a rubber chair, breathing fast, until the much-anticipated help comes, if ever it comes. Little Vincent’s problem is a compound-complex. Aside from breathing faster, he can be seen struggling to pass food through his esophagus. The numbers to contact are 0775035163/0880629005.