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“We Truly Have Been Blessed By God Almighty Himself”

-- Daily Observer co-founder Kenneth Y. Best says as newspaper celebrates 40th anniversary Over hundred persons, including former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and many other...

A Personal Testimony to the Best & the Daily Observer Families

Editor's Note: As the Daily Observer, Liberia's first independent daily, celebrates its 40th anniversary (February 16, 1981), we bring you a series of articles...

Failing President Weah and Failing Liberia

Whether or not unease is again finding its way into the relationship between President Weah and his predecessor, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, remains...

How Will the Korkpor Bench Explain Itself?

Once again the Liberian Judiciary has been drawn into the crosshairs of very adverse public opinion and all for the wrong reasons too. It...

Welcoming the Gibril Massaquoi Trial to Liberia!

In a short while from now, the trial of another war crimes suspect and former top commander of the Sierra Leonean Revolutionary United Front,...

The Carter Center Should Just Leave Liberia Alone

There is little public knowledge about a 2011 study conducted by a small research team of graduate students from the Columbia University in New...

Former Pres. Sirleaf Cautions Against Badmouthing Liberia

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has told Liberians in all walks of life that despite the constraints in Liberia, no one should badmouth the...
Completed Foundation of the FPGML’s Hospital in Foya Statutory District in Lofa County.jpg

US$300K Free Pentecostal Global Mission Hospital Needs Support

A US$300,000 Free Pentecostal Global Mission of Liberia hospital project that has made steady progress since its construction began in 2006.The clinic, which is...