“Strive to Make Liberia A More Successful Country”

Dr. George P. Gonpu, founder, ADML, tells UNICCO Leadership.

Dr. George P. Gonpu, the founder of the African Democratic Movement of Liberia (ADML), has challenged the newly installed leadership of the United Nimba Citizens Council (UNICCO), Minnesota chapter, to work together to make Liberia a more prosperous country.

Despite the assistance provided to Nimba County and Liberia, as well as their great potential for transformation and success, he said the country is still challenged.

Dr. Gonpu stated, “I call on the newly elected board members to provide excellent performance in their positions and to join the efforts underway in order to make Liberia a more successful country.”

He made the remarks at a recent UNICCO induction ceremony in Minnesota, the United States of America (USA). Those inducted included Madam Kowo P. Kueglay-Fangalo, Board Chair; Jacob B. Wehyee, Co-Chair, Board of Directors; Shedrick Gayehtay, Board Member; Mazzinic Duo, Board Member; and Jerry Thompson, Board Member.

Joey T. Kennedy, UNICCO's Chief Elections Commissioner and Madam Rebecca Gbartu, were among the other committee members inducted. 

The founder of the ADML, who is also a proud son from Nimba County, stated that the consolidation and sustainability of peace and democracy in Liberia depends on Liberians and their organizations, such as UNICCO-Minnesota, correctly identifying Liberia's primary challenges and mobilizing to assist Liberia in effectively responding to those challenges.

He spoke on the topic, “The Essential Role of Public Goods and Services in the Development of Liberia.”

According to him, Nimba County and Liberia need UNICCO (you) to rise and join us and help produce the leadership that will ensure that public goods and services which are so indispensable to the development of the country are provided.

He said without an adequate supply of high-quality public goods and services the consolidation of Liberia’s peace, democracy and development, face a high risk of failure.

"As board members of UNICCO Minnesota, you join a remarkable group of people who have served their communities and Liberia in the fight to advance Nimba County and Liberia forward in your state and across the country," he urged.

In order to help solve these problems, he called on UNICCO leadership to reflect on what economists consider the distinction between public goods and services and private goods and services.

"Everything we use to support our wellbeing can be classified into one of these two categories." When you send money to your relatives in Liberia, that person may use that money to purchase rice, a car, or a house," said Dr. Gonpu.

He also said that as secretary general of the UNICCO-Chicago chapter in the late 1980s, that chapter supported UNICCO national to raise funds to provide humanitarian support for Nimbanians who fled the civil wars in Liberia and found themselves as refugees in Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Ghana, and other countries," he noted.

Dr. Gonpu further claimed that UNICCO was at the forefront of peace talks in Accra, Ghana; Banjul, Gambia; and other African towns.

He said those negotiations helped to eventually produce the interim government of national unity and the peace and subsequent democratic elections in Liberia.

ADML founder believes that a nation's development requires a sufficient supply of both public and private products and services.

Dr. Gonpu added, “The more effective, competent, and compassionate the leadership of a country is, the better its ability to provide public goods and services, which are critical to the development and transformation of a country.” 

“So, as you may see, Liberia’s primary challenges are essentially linked to a problem of the deficiency in the supply of public goods and services. These problems also reflect the poor quality of leadership in Liberia,” he explained.

Dr. Gonpu continues, "So, to help assist Liberia to effectively address its major challenges, you and I and everyone who cares about Liberia must help Liberia improve its quality of leadership and governance." 

He further told the UNICCO leadership that 2023 will present an ideal opportunity for Liberians to elect a president and members of the legislature that will provide a better quality of leadership and governance to address Liberia’s major challenges.

Dr. Gonpu added, "UNICCO-Minnesota leadership and all of you in this room and your contacts can help Liberia by empowering Liberians, partnering with other organizations and citizens who are working on this endeavor through projects in Liberia."

"You can assist with the recruitment of candidates who have the character and integrity to provide the leadership that will assist Liberia in producing solutions for its multiple challenges."

He therefore urged the leadership of UNICCO to continue to invest in their community, county, and country.