Yesterday’s Lone Star: In Search of Change

Lone Star- L-R Standing- Bestman, Karrow_web.jpg

It is an incredible truth that Liberian football is in search of a change, and it must be a huge change at that.

For starters, with the ravages of Ebola Virus Disease, it has not become necessary for a re-start of the local league that would subsequently benefit the various national teams. The current effort is the assembling together of former football stars that played well abroad and have now retired to lead effective campaign against the virus’ spread and its stigma.

At least some of the players who were recently appointed as coaches to handle the various national teams are part, as the accompanying picture, taken by ace cameraman Mozart Dennis, shows being particular of this selected side of the national team.

Since membership of national teams is determined on current form, players are brought in together whenever they are requested their coaches from their various clubs abroad to honor their national assignment.

As you can see in the above photo, James Debbah and George Weah are not on this team. The line-up of the team standing, from left to right: Goalkeeper Pewou Bestman, James ‘Bodyworks’ Karrow, Alex Theo, Friday Roberts, Barbie Keith Jinlack, Arthur Farh and Solomon Joe.

Players kneeling from left are: Thomas Kojo, Ben Saydee (Roberto), Kervin Sebwe, Mass Saar, James Weah and Waka Herron.

Out of the number, Thomas Kojo and Kervin Sebwe have reached a level that they can be counted on as leaders or managers to handle and develop players to better Liberian football.

This photo is to remind Kojo and Kervin of the challenge before them, since they were once players who were once managed and developed by local coaches, including the Walter Pelham, Manneh Peters and the Wilfred ‘Kiljani’ Lardner, all of glorious memory.

Perhaps wherever they may be, Pelham, Peters and Lardner should be congratulating themselves for, they never worked in vain, and so coaches Kojo and Sebwe should remind themselves of what those coaches mentioned imparted into them to be able to impart same into others.

That way, and when Kojo and Sebwe are successful, it would indicate that the spirits of the three coaches still live on, and may be in them.


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