WUSHU Bronze Medalist Gets 2 year Scholarship


Wushu Bronze medalist Amos Sawyer has been awarded a two-year scholarship to attend the University of Liberia by Master Junior Pewee Russian, vice president for technical affairs of the Liberia Wushu Federation (LWF).

According to Master Russian, he provided the scholarship to the young athlete to reduce the financial constrains on the athlete’s parents and to further motivate him.

He stated that during his time as a young athlete, he encountered a similar difficulty and he would not like to see his trainees encounter same.

Master Russian, the proprietor and grandmaster of the Master Russian Fitness Club, made the disclosure yesterday at the club’s practice ground in Paynesville.

“When I was a young martial artist, there are some challenges I went through that I will not like you to experience. Few years back, I jogged without footwear and people felt I was crazy, but I did not give up. Today you can boast of Master Russian who has won a gold medal in China,” Master Russian said.

He indicated that this should also serve as a call to other young athletes to remain focus and be determined because there could be greater reward for them.

“It will be very unfortunate to see Amos going to school without any financial aid as a bronze medalist, which could further discourage him as a young athlete,” he added.

Master Russian and Sawyer through the sponsorship of the Chinese Embassy last month participated in the 11th China Zengzhou International Shoalin Wushu Festival, where Master Russian won gold and silver medals in Taiji and Shoalin stick competitions and Sawyer won two bronze medals in Shaolin stick and “luohanquan” boxing competitions. They competed with over 2,300 athletes from 68 countries.

In an interview with the Daily Observer, Sawyer thanked Master Russian for the scholarship and also thanked the Chinese Ambassador for sponsoring their recent trip to the Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival.

“It was a great experience for me going to China, entering Shaolin Temples and also participating in an international competition; and today I am being awarded a scholarship – these are things I never thought off when I joined the association,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer, a 2016 graduate of the Carver Mission Academy, is currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Liberia.


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