Will Duannah Siryon’s Presence Make A Difference for NHA today?

NHA MD Duannah Siryon will feature for his side against Youth and Sports at the SKD Complex

Leads Shelters in a crucial decider against MYS at SKD Complex

Group F of the Inter-Ministerial League reaches a climax today in both soccer and kickball and one interesting attraction is the presence of striker Duannah Siryon who will lead his side against their counterparts from the Ministry of Youth & Sports.
The game comes on this afternoon as NHA, having lost one and drawn one, is at the most critical juncture as to whether the team can manage a win, and not only a win but win with more than three goals, to be sure that they remain in contention.

This is because they are in the bottom of Group F with one point and four goals against, and the group is led by the Ministry of Youth & Sports, for winning two of their games.

MYS defeated LEC 2-1 and won GAC 1-0 to claim the maximum six points. GAC won NHA 3-1 in their previous game and so going against LEC they want the victory to consolidate their position with at least 4 points.

Though the NHA Shelters began the tournament with a 3-1 loss, they reassembled their defenses and attacks and forced LEC to a 1-1 draw in a match that showed a remarkable rejuvenation.

Duannah Siryon, who was out of the country on official business returned to Monrovia to learn that his boys had suffered some challenges and even the presence of skipper Tugbeh C. Tugbeh could not give the team the victory they want.

Of course, the Ministry of Youth & Sport with six goals do not have any reason to fight to win at all cost because they are clear and at the top of the group. It can be said without any misgivings that skipper Tugbeh has been able so far to rally some support to keep the boys afloat until the arrival of striker Siryon, though the prospects are not good!

Though losing one and drawing one in such a group match is too depressing, the return of striker Siryon to work along with other players who have a great deal of support against MYS at 4 pm today should make a great deal of difference but the question is: CanDuannah Siryon’s presence do the magic?

Information about Siryon’s ability is scanty, perhaps it is held not to give too much about him until the game at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

Additionally, the female sides of both NHA and MYS will also be in action at 11 am to see who claim victory to better their standing for the next round. In any event, fans from both MYS and NHA are expecting an exciting game.


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