Why Lone Star Lost to Zimbabwe?


The humiliation that the national soccer team suffered at the hands of the Zimbabwean national soccer team, Warriors, on Sunday was received with recriminations as many Liberians are asking why it happened.

And of course, those who asked the question were right to some extent to demand to know why the country that produced one of the best soccer players in the world, only a few years ago, is unable to hold itself against unsung countries in competitive encounters, even when the opportunity is there to see.

But I think one question that should be asked is: Why should Lone Star win? The answer to this question should explain the reason Lone Star should defeat the Warriors.

Consider these further questions: Has the national league produced quality footballers that Liberia can depend on in international encounters? Since most of the players were local materials, meaning they are players from the national league, does it mean that the 3-0 defeat indicates that our local coaches are not living up to their qualifications as CAF License A and B coaches?

Are the coaches in failing to apply what they learnt during their professional training as coaches that they earned the CAF License A and B Certificates? Enough with the questions, right?

On the field of play, a report by LBS’s Kolubah Zayzay, who was with the players, indicates that the members of the national team were unable to exert their authority on the pitch and along with faulty passes the players up front were unable to threaten their opponents’ defense, except at least on one occasion.

Another question: How prepared was the national team against Zimbabwe? Please recall that when the CAF’s and FIFA’s windows that allowed national teams to play friendly matches came, several months before last Sunday’s game in Harare, Liberia did not take advantage of it.

It was only some days to the game that a local team was selected to play a friendly against Sierra Leone in Monrovia. In that match careful observers should have recognized that Lone Star managed a 1-0 victory, the goal coming in the 79th minute. And so playing before a home crowd, and at their favorite field, Lone Star players could not take over the game.

Now with little preparation, since it is not possible for the national team players to be in Liberia all at once at least three weeks before any encounter, many who are crying why Lone Star lost should have realized that anything in life for which you fail to plan, it goes without saying that it is a recipe for disaster or failure.

Liberia’s next match is against DR Congo in Monrovia, next March, and I bet you that no preparation will be done until two weeks before the match. When that happens, what would you expect? Answer that question for yourself.


  1. My brother some of us already know for Liberia to qualify for any major competition in sports will be a very big miracle. With that understanding, no need to blame our players and coaches. We don’t prepared how does Liberia make progress? Like you said, preparation in two weeks is our formula to qualify. Great footballing nations like France, Brazil, England and Ghana pay attention to their national teams. For us no money, no money and no money.

  2. I think we should also look at the other hand where the players or some, do not even devote themselves to develop their career. Just a little progress, big show will comsume the rest!
    Brothers and sisters, if Liberia must make any significant progress both nationally and internationally Liberians must first had made it. Also, we all should understanding that progress doesn’t just come to lazy and depend people! Let every person begin to take reponsibility of any leakage from his/her side and take significant step for recovery.
    Besides, let’s make a real move for change. Every person must begin to see your calling, gift, talent, etc. as the pride and glory of Liberia not just he/she and family. Therefore, I encourage everyone to develop themselves in every good thing: Pray, read, write, train, etc. that you will make a head way in Liberia and beyond. Jesus is still the glory of heaven while George weah, Ma. Ellen still make Liberia known… God bless Liberia!

  3. An anonymous philosopher once said, “There is good management when those who are near are happy, and when those who are far desire to come.”

    This philosophical statement is indeed true in every facet of life. Countries that have good teams are usually well managed. These countries invest heavily in maintaining good players. These players are happy to play for their national teams.

    Countries that invest heavily in sports attract players from around the world to play for various clubs in their countries. No wonder, these countries with a huge investment in their national teams do very well in FIFA International Tournaments.

    Liberia has many problems when it comes to our National Team (Lone Star) playing in International competition: Here are few observations below:

    1. Our government needs to put in the necessary monetary investment in maintaining a good national football team;

    2. Liberia has many good players playing abroad that are well paid but are not utilized on the national level; therefore, few players only come home to play for national pride and not solely for monetary reason.

    3. Our local players need adequate training. They should be equally compensated as our foreign based players whenever they are called upon to play for the national team. This will help boost local players’ moral.

    4. Our local teams need to have many international friendly matches at home and abroad to boost their international experience.

    5. There should be advanced preparation/practice with all players (foreign and local) before they play in international competition.

    6. Playing together before international matches bring cohesiveness and team spirit.

    7. Liberia lacks adequate training facilities for athletes to do conditioning: gyms with weight rooms, and other athletic equipment that have training staffs on board.

    8. Antoinette Tubman Stadium is dilapidated. It is not up to international standard for international games. That old stadium needs total renovation like SKD stadium.

    9. Proper Team management and a good coach are essential in training and motivating players for competitive international matches.

    10. With all the constraints listed above, it would be very difficult for Liberia to compete at a higher level in international competitions: most especially with teams that have good players, good coach, good investment, good facilities and proper management.

    Note: My hat goes off to these poor Liberia players who are competing with limited financial and material support.

  4. From my point of view, and personal opinion if the Loan Stars player are on monthly salary, and playing football for living we all going to see how those guys going to be and daily practice. Let me give you guys an example all those who play on the NBA are paid huge sum of money they go to practice like we all go to work. The lone Stars has been around for the past over 40 decade every other foreign game they played they are loser. People will stand under the ministry of Education and talked trash how the Lone stars lost;
    when are we going to win a single match if these player are not being paid .I’m talking past experience.
    I left Liberia 18 years ago, I have been follow up latest development on the Liberia magazine online.

  5. I am nonplus and agitated to understand that most Liberian cannot recognize where the problem of the national team is. It is true that perception deceives humanity at time but it is also supportive that experience and history teach us lesson for the future. The problems of the national team begin with the coach. It all started from the day the Liberian Football Association appointed the nation celebrated star, James Salinsa Debbah as head coach for the team. The man in question was a bad example on the nation team in term of discipline, commitment, selfless service and the ability to lead by example. Secondly, he is financially weak and the tendency to compile listing for the national team is likely to be driven by self-benefit or profiting.
    I strongly recommend that the leadership replace James Debbah as a head coach and put him under a foreign coach if we are to build a good team from biases.

  6. Omari Jackson: Greetings. I just read your piece. I am sure you know the answer. Times have changed.
    Thank You.

  7. Just fire James Debah before the our next game. How can we expect discipline on the lone star when the team is been couched by the most indiscipline player doing the George Weah 11? Not only is Debah indiscipline, he is rude and has no respect for his colleagues on the technical team CAF just expanded the competition to 24 teams. But Liberia will never qualify for any competition even if 32 teams are competing so long as James Debah and his arrongance remain the couch for the Lone Star.

  8. Liberia has never beaten Zimbabwe, a few years ago they lost by the same margin (3-0) before drawing 1-1 , it’s therefore boggles the mind that the author of the above article labells Zimbabwe ‘unsung country’.


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