‘We Will Assign Coaches to Select Players’

Liberia Football Association President, Musa Bility

LFA President Musa Bility

Following a Daily Observer recommendation and follow-up on the pending National Youth Domestic league, the President of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Musa Bility, says coaches will be assigned during the youth league to select talented players.

The LFA boss made the statement when he appeared as a guest on Fabric Radio’s sports program on March 22.

Observer sports in its February 14th edition recommended to the LFA to select talented players upon the climax of the tournament in order to develop hidden talents during the tournaments at any of the football academies in the country, most especially the Monrovia Football Academy that combines both formal education and soccer development for both male and female athletes.

As stated in that edition, this is one of few tournaments like the National County Sports Meet and the District League among others that are hosted in the country to identify young players.

After the climax of these tournaments, some players are fortunate to be called up by teams in the first and second divisions, and some are further opportune to get similar calls to the National Team.

But in the case of these young kids, boys under 14 and girls under-15, who will be participating in the tournament they are still many distances away from being called up by those first and second division teams or even the National Team.

Having this in mind, it will not be a successful tournament in the end if not a single player, male or female, was spotted by the organizers for further support.

The youth tournament was expected to kick off earlier this month after the distribution of materials to participating teams, which didn’t happen.


  1. That is a wrong concept and idea for clubs coaches to select players for various national teams. there is nowhere in the world where clubs coaches select players for national teams. the appointed coaches together with their technical staffs, select players for the national teams they think and feel they can better work with….Please, football administrators leave the game along with the coaches when you don’t know and understand how things work around here and stop complicating things….Its better you concentrate on the administrative side of it.


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