Veep Boakai to Captain GoL against Civil Society-PUL


The sport journalist who told the Daily Observer sports desk yesterday that the Ministry of Health’s Emergency Ambulance Service (if there is one) should be gearing up for its greatest assignment was looking at the impending soccer and kickball games at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium this Saturday and Sunday.

The reason could be that oldtimers and others would be in action to sell to the fans what they are capable of doing on the soccer and kickball field. And in the course of the games there can be no argument that some bones would demand urgent attention and Dr. Bernice Dahn could supervise a rescue operation.

The games, involving soccer and kickball will see the presence of Arsenal’s premier Liberia supporter, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai leading the soccer side and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf leading the kickball side.

While Veep Boakai will descend on the field wearing the captain’s band, President Sirleaf would play a dual role as coach and player, which will no way threaten National Coach James Salinsa Debbah’s job, since the President is involved in kickball.

Besides the hilarious nature of the two games, Assistant Minister for Sports Murvee Gray told the Daily Observer yesterday that there are other games as part of Liberia’s 169th Independence Anniversary.

So who are the rest of the soccer players for GOL? Here they are: deputy captain Armah Jallah (Pro Tempore), Finance Minister Boima Kamara, (who is described as supersonic) Rep. Saah Joseph, Neto Z. Lighe (Labor Minister), Rep. Lester Paye (Bong County District #4), and Rep. Eugene F. Kparkar (District #1 Lofa County) and Justice Francis Korkpor.

The rest are Henry B. Yonton, (Deputy Minister of Sports), Cole Bangalu (GSA), Nyan Twayan (National Social Security) and Saar N’tow (Minister of Sports).

Who are on the line-up for the kickball game? Besides the coach player, the captain is Julia Duncan Cassell (Gender Ministry), deputy skipper Geraldine Doe Sherrif (Senator) who was a star striker for the erstwhile Sinkor Lioness FC, assistant captain is Jackie Capehart, and Rep. Munah Pelham Youngblood is part of the selection. Many kickball fans want to see how the former beauty queen would run to first, second and third bases during the match.

Others are Justice Jamesetta Wolokollie, Justice Sienneh Youh, Marthaline Dagoseh, Rep. Mariama Fofana, LTA’s Angelique Weeks, LRA’s Elfreida Tamba, Dorothy Smith (Youth & Sports), among others.

On Sunday, July 25, Minister Gray said there will be a street soccer match between At Risk Youth (Sogos) on Mechlin and Randall Streets in Monrovia that will involve twelve players each with six players each on the field.

Minister Gray added that there will also be Amputee Team A versus Amputee Team B.

He also said the objective of the games, besides the independence ceremony, is to enhance peace and reconciliation. The GOL team is a combination of members of the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive branches of government.

Until press time yesterday, the line-up of Civil-Society/PUL was not available but information indicates that they would be honoring the games with the best old timer players available, with PUL president Abdulai Kamara playing at the defense to deny Veep Boakai any chance to experiment any of his Arsenal’s tactics on Civil Society-PUL.

“We encourage all to come and see action and what is missing in good football and kickball,” Minister Gray said.

Game 1: Amputee Team A vs. Amputee Team B 11am ATS
Game 2: GOL vs. Civil Society/PUL in kickball at 1pm
Game 3: GOL vs. Civil Society/PUL in soccer at 3pm

Sunday Fixture
At Risk Youth (Zokos) Team A vs. At Risk Youth (Zokos) Team B on Mechlin and Randall Street.


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