Van-Dave Harmon: ‘We are Excited to Return’

The Blue Field was filled with excitement after BYC commenced regular training for the league season

Barrack Young Controllers (BYC) players were excited to return to normal duties for the upcoming league season. The Blue Field was filled with excitement after the ‘Go Blue Boys’ commenced regular training for the league season.

According to BYC captain Van-Dave Harmon, the resumption of training and preparation for the upcoming season have reawakened their enthusiasm.

“We have few weeks until the start of the season; everyone seems to have come back with a good mindset, excitement, and eagerness to touch down on the pitch, so we are looking forward to seeing how our pre-season unfolds. This is what we love doing best, so it means a lot to us,” Captain Harmon said.

On his new teammates, Harmon said: “We are all friends and have played together at the junior and senior levels of the national team. We are always in a happy atmosphere as players.”

Skipper Harmon led the team comprising newly signed players during the first warm-up session of the club.

He said his teammates’ excitement is a sign of good sportsmanship between them and the technical staff of the team for the 2017/2018 league season.

“We have been joined by several new players for the next season with Coach Robert Lartey since he took over the team during the final half of last season. This is another challenge, another opportunity for us as players.”

It was also a thrilling moment for Harmon’s teammate David Tweh. The 18-year-old forward said he has been waiting for this moment following a long period of ‘self-training.’

“After a long break you always want to come back and get started with new skills and styles of play to achieve good results in the new season,” he said. “It is always a new feeling when you are with teammates on the pitch and I am keen to learn new skills and explore them on the pitch for the new season.”

The young forward was a key factor in the team’s impressive performance last season despite failing to retain its championship and dropping out of the CAF competition.

In its preparation for the upcoming season, BYC has played several matches. The ‘Go Blue Boys’ will host Samira FC of December 21 at the Blue Field, and will go up against Invincible Eleven on December 23 to complete their pre-season games.


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