US$600K Missing at LFA

LFA president Musa Bility (Photo credit: Anthony Kokoi.)

Musa Bility calls for full scale investigation, says “unknown documents were presented to FIFA by unknown persons…which the LFA is not aware off.”

Following a visit of FIFA auditors to the Liberia Football Association, its president, Musa Bility, has requested a full-scale criminal investigation after it was discovered that US$600,000 have gone missing from the association’s coffers.

This followed an earlier media report that a team of FIFA auditors is in Liberia to conduct a forensic audit tasked with investigating financial corruption in Liberian football. But the FA in a release said the team of financial investigators was in the country for a compliance audit.

According to the release, during the closing meeting with the auditors, Bility discovered documents that have been inserted into the LFA financial records that are not part of any audit report and were not found on any bank statement.

“Unknown documents were presented to FIFA by unknown persons to the auditors which the LFA is not aware off,” said Bility.

The LFA has therefore requested the Liberia National Police to carry out a criminal investigation and is requesting FIFA to investigate the origin of the documents.

Bility said he and the FIFA team of auditors checked both the LFA bank statement and the audit reports to authenticate the alleged transaction but found that it was nowhere in the records.

The LFA statement said the documents are false and is, therefore, requesting a full-scale criminal investigation into the matter.

The LFA has also asked FIFA to help with such an investigation so as to identify the alleged individuals who made such dubious Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The MOU involved an alleged payment of six hundred thousand United States dollars (US$600,000).

The LFA also wants to clarify that financial transactions do not involve the president but is the responsibility of the relevant committees and the treasurer.


  1. If you put the fox in charge of the chicken coop, do you expect the fox to safe guard your chickens? Please! So why would you put a crook in charge of your money, and expect him to do anything other than steal it? Well, except you’re the Liberian Football Association (LFA), you’d expect a born rogue like Bility not to steal your money! Hahaha..You will learn the hard way!

  2. please let us investigate ever body that is in that compound because we know what can happened, the reason you see those thing happened because you keep one person to one place I the end of day you will here somethin like steeling, other people fee that the country is for then Mr., president please call all your worker for proper’s investigation other then that we will call everybody criminal

  3. “The LFA wants to clarify that financial transactions do not involve the president but is the responsibility of the relevant committee and treasurer.” Realy?? This is nonsensical nonsense! The President of the LFA should be held responsible. This is what happens when you put people into position who do not have a clue of sports administration. That’s the reason why the LFA is so mess up. The entire LFA should be disbanded and reconstituted. Remember the Vice President of the LFA unilaterally rescinded the contracts of the National Team Coaches. The coaches should take the LFA to court for breach of contract. With all the support from FIFA, this LFA is the worst administration in the History of the LFA since its inception in 1936.


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