U-20 Lone Star to Boycott Training Unless…

U-20 Jr. Lone Star—wants increase in training allowance_web.jpg

Players of the national U-20 team have threatened to abandon the current training if the Liberia Football Association does not increase their feeding and transportation allowance of L$200 during each practice session.

The players complained of extreme hunger especially during early morning practices and have asked the LFA to include ‘feeding incentive’ on their transportation but to avail.

The players told the Daily Observer that their appeal for increment on the transportation to be used for food ‘before or after practice’ has been rejected by the FA on the grounds that ‘there is no money.’

The players’ spokesperson who begged for anonymity said the LFA has for the period over a month declined to their demand and continuously providing L$200 for each practice in the early morning and evening hours.

The transportation for the two-time practices in the tone of L$400 has been confirmed by LFA Secretary General Alphonso Armah.

Armah made an appeal to the players to use the money wisely in terms of feeding and transportation.

Armah told the Daily Observer yesterday via mobile phone that the L$200 can be reasonably split despite of their distant-cover and in the interest of wearing the national color of the country and the passion for the game.

Armah neither confirmed nor denied the FA’s unwillingness to increase the players’ transportation, he however told the Daily Observer, “Let them (players) manage what they are receiving.”

A coach with the knowledge of the present crisis expressed dissatisfaction over the limited funds, and argued that the money lacks motivation.

He suggested at least US5.00 (five dollars) for each session, making it a total of U$10.00 per day.

He blamed administrators for using ‘passion’ as a tool to not provide the necessary tool, which is money, to encourage players.

“Football is now being played because of money and not out of passion,” he said, “therefore the LFA must give money to the players for success.”

Liberia’s U-20 is expected to lock horns with U-20 of the Ivory Coast in May, after qualifying over The Gambia who cheated in their first leg match by using overage players.

The U-20 players who are in training include Abdilai Koulibaly, Benjamin Gbamy, Raymond Fancia, Fred Fofana, Sandy Carlor, Moses Tokpa, Titus Kamara, Emmanuel Geeplay, Sam Jackson, Nimely Blamo, Oscar Dorley, and Sporo Somah.


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