Thrills at 26th Independence Run at Fendall

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National track and field coach Sam Cooper led an array of young track and field talents to honor the July 26th Independence Run for a Brighter Future for Athletes at the Fendall Campus on Monday, with exciting results at the end of the competition.

“The competition is meant to bring hope to track and field athletes so that there can be a brighter future for the sport,” said Coach Cooper in a telephone interview yesterday.

The competition was in several heats, including the 100m, in both boys and girls, 200m in both boys and girls, 400m in both boys and girls, 800m in both boys and girls, 1500m, 3000m and 5000m also for boys and girls.

In the 100m girls’ category, Nancy Saah came first with 13:24. Kebah Wulie came second with 13:34 and Jarnora Neufville came third with 13:36.

In the boys category, Abraham Harris came first place with 11:15, next was Alfred Cliton with 11:72 and Richard Mayango came third with 11:86.

In the 200m heat Lucy Massaquoi came first with the time of 26:34, next was Love Gaye with 27:71 and Abigail Davies with 28:30.

In the boys 200m Morris Freeman came first with 22:63, Abraham Harris second with 22:68 and Alfred Clinton came third with 22:70.

In the 400m girls’ category, Lucy Massquoi came first with 1:02:10, Ivy Santee second with 1:09:36 and Galima Mawlo came third with 1:12:25.

In the 400m boys’ category, Richard Myango came first with 53:25:20, Philip Lademo second with 55:38:40 and Prince Lamont came third with 55:81:82.

800m Girls: Jernora Neufville 2:58:72; Ennie Dahn 3:04:76; and Eve Harmon 3:34:31.

800m Boys: Marcox Sackie 2:02:59; Andrew Kpehe 2:04:10, and Augustin Mabia 2:18:36.

I500m Girls: Ennie Dahn 6:02:36; Eve Harmon 6:10:89 and Branches Tamba 7:00:12.

1500 Boys: Philip Lademo 4:29:67; Andrew Kpehe 4: 32:28 and Marcox Sackie 4:33:18.

In the girls’ 3000m heat Lucy Massaquoi came first with 11:40:92; Eve Harmon second with 13:24:52 and Branches Tamba came third with 14:02:44.

In the boys’ 5000m, Andrew Kpehe came first with 16:26:84; Royan Giggs came second with 17:10:41 and King Emmanuel came third with 17:59:25.

Coach Cooper said the athletes put in their best to celebrate the national Independence Day with the hope that track and field could get additional support from other sources to ensure that the athletes are able to represent Liberia in regional and continental competitions.

He commended all the athletes for participating in the tournament to let track and field be part of the celebration.


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