‘Thirty two Active Clubs with the LBF,’ Williams Clarifies


There is presently thirty two active clubs with the Liberia Basketball Federation, (LBF), technical committee chairman, Eric Williams told the Daily Observer on Tuesday.

Williams noted that the clarification is necessary since there are reports circulating at the LBF that there are forty two active clubs, which he said “it is not correct.”

“The ten additional teams,” Williams said, “are 3rd division teams that never participated in the LBF league and as a result they cannot be accepted to vote in the forthcoming LBF elections.”

He said there are four third division clubs, “that actively participated in the last LBF league and so these clubs are members that can participate in the forthcoming elections.”

He named the four clubs as Destiny Kings, Star 1, Mamba Point Legends and Jr. Rookies.

He said ten teams in this division did not participate in the past LBF league and they are Island Clippers, Bong Shooters, Island calves, Buchanan Braves, and Harbel Tappers.

The rest are Cape Mount Wizards, Fire, Ben Curser Pioneers, HISSO and Invincible Invaders.

“These ten teams never registered with the LBF, though they may have expressed interest to become part of the federation,” Williams said.

At a recent agreement on eligibility of teams that would participate in the elections, a release from the Ministry of Youth & Sports, in consultations with the Liberia National Olympic Committee, LNOC and the LBF, said teams that paid into the account of the LBF must participate in the elections.

“It means that teams that never registered with the LBF are not eligible members of the federation,” Williams said, “and as a result may not participate in the elections.”

He said division one has nine teams: Mighty Barrolle, LPRC-Oilers, NPA Pythons, Barnersville Celtics, Timberwolves, Commissioners, Cestos Mogars, Dream Team ll and Flames.

The eleven division two male teams are: Georgia Blazers, Heats, Du-Runners, Supreme Brothers, Harbel Pointers and Uhuru Prince.

The rest are Bushrod Bulls, Kardinals, Sac Base, FUBBA and Deviers.

The female teams are K-Delta, C-Delta, Timberwolves, Phoenix, Destiny Queens, Commissioners, Supreme Sisters and Angel Shooters.



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