‘The General’s’ Gift to Invincible Eleven

Ms. Jones displays two of the thick jerseys she wants IE to use for practice matches

Ms. Lydia Jones, known among friends as ‘The General,’ and president of the IE Chapter in Philadelphia in the United States has words for fans, who are looking for a miracle to change the club’s future: ‘We must be generous in our support to the teams.”

Invincible Eleven Majestic Sports Association has three branches which include the soccer, the male basketball, female basketball, and its junior side Majestic.

For years the teams have not been able to regain their past glory and Ms. Jones wants this to change. “We can give our widow’s might to support our club,” she said.

Ms. Jones is visiting from the United States and believes that every IE fan and those who are in better positions can contribute to the team, IE will rise and shine.

She brought an assortment of jerseys and boots that may be used for practice by Invincible Eleven.

She told the Daily Observer in an interview last Friday that the IE PA Chapter is thinking about raising at least U$20-U$25,000 to be able to build a center that will include a practice pitch and an administration building to run the affairs of IE.

“We are planning and therefore it is something we wish to do,” she said. She commended her vice president Sando Johnson and Mr. Winston Jordan, president of the IE Union in the United States for their support to the project.

Said Madam Hannah McClain, “Ms. Jones’ support to IE is encouraging and IE fans should know that it will take their combined effort to realize what they want to happen to IE.

“If Ms. Jones could get to those who care for IE, with her contribution everything could come together and Liberia will be better for it.”

The idea to build a center for Invincible Eleven is also supported by Timothy Bengue, Barbie Keith, Solomon Donnie, and Sarkpa Nyanseor.

Ms. Jones meanwhile regretted the extreme lack of interest in the local league which has also affected the identification of talents to compete in Europe.

“We must do our best to revive our clubs,” she said.


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