‘The General’ Rallies Support to Reclaim ‘Sunshine Yellow Boys’


“I want Invincible Eleven to regain its past glory,” says Ms. Lydia Jones, president of the IE Majestic Chapter of Philadelphia, in the United States, currently visiting home, in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday in Monrovia. “Therefore IE lovers at home should join in the campaign to make IE better.”

Ms. Jones, known as ‘The General,’ has been visiting several groups, including former players of the association to “come and let us support IE to reclaim our proper place in football in the country.”

“I am the head of over 50 members of the Chapter in Philadelphia who are willing to play their part to support the association,” she said, “and since my arrival here one person that has impressed with his commitment to revive the association is former goalkeeper Raymond Moulton and I will support him as president of the association.”

‘The General’ said, “I have been talking with Mr. Moulton and I am impressed with his passion to work to revive a team that he played for so many years.”

Ms. Jones has visited both the soccer and the basketball players at their various training grounds.

“I have also been speaking with the players of both disciplines and am aware of what is needed. In fact I am hoping that I can get support to get a new set of jerseys for the team’s league match against Watanga FC tomorrow at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium,” The General said.

When she visited the team at its training grounds recently, ‘The General’ donated 12 pairs of boots, and gave out unspecified amount of money for the remaining 12 others to get their pairs.

“Once we are able to get Mr. Moulton as the president of the association,” she said, “our friends in the United States will be glad to send enough material and financial support to ease the occasional lack of support to the association.”

‘The General’ has also spoken to a number of IE Majestic Sports Association enthusiasts who have assured her of their willingness to return to the association to provide their widow’s mite.

“I spoke to many friends, including Tonia Klay,” she said. Ms. Klay, Ms. Jones and Mrs. Kaddiatu Darra (now Mrs. Findley) gave material and financial support to many of the team’s players, including Jonathan Sogbie (Boye Charles), Joe Nagbe, George Oppong Weah (now Senator Weah of Montserrado County), during their playing days with the association.

In her contacts so far, she commends three members of the current leadership of the association; Joseph Akoi, vice president for operations Arnold Johnson and board member Morris George for their wonderful support.

She said there are seven active chapters of the association in the United States, and Mr. Winston Jordan is the president of the seven chapters, while she serves as the president of the Philadelphia chapter.


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