Tennis Gets Technical Support from Mamba Point Hotel

Mamba Point Hotel co-partner Anna Bsaibes donates the laptop to tennis boss Clarence L. Simpson, lll.

The Mamba Point Hotel has renewed and reaffirmed its support to the Liberia Tennis Federation (LTF) by a donation to the technical department of the local governing group of tennis, with the hope of promoting and developing the game.

Mamba Point Hotel and the hotel’s Oceano Casino are the longest and largest private partners of lawn tennis in the country.

It may be recalled that the Hotel and Casino sponsored the training of Liberia’s tennis gem Saah Kandakai at the Academia Sanchez-Casal in Barcelona (Spain); they further sponsored Saah to attend Academia Sanchez-Casal in Florida, USA, where he currently resides and plays college tennis.

The trainings costs over US$5,000.

Steve Ambrose, the manager of Oceano Casino, and Chawki Bsaibes, the manager of Mamba Point Hotel, are on the record saying their sponsorship to tennis is their way of developing local talent, and hope that other business institutions would emulate their examples.

However, on Thursday, December 21, 2017, the management of Mamba Point Hotel donated an updated Dell Laptop, cost US$1,900, to the technical department of the LTF.

The co-partner of Mamba Point Hotel, Anna M.M. Bsaibes said: “Mamba Point Hotel wishes to encourage tennis players to fulfill their dreams and to encourage people to learn to play tennis and be like Alfred and his son, who we sent to (Barcelona) and America for training. And we are very encouraged; and so in that effort, that’s why we like to offer this laptop.”

In response to the donation, the president of LTF, Clarence L. Simpson, III, said: “Thank you Anna. On behalf of the LTF, we really appreciate this gift, it is a very generous contribution; and we wholeheartedly accept it and will make sure it will be properly used for the development of the sport.”

The LTF then turned the laptop over to the technical director of the LTF, coach Alfred Kandakai.

“I want to thank the Mamba Point Hotel for the offer and the LTF for the confidence reposed in me to continue to use this laptop for the technical use of the federation,” Kandakai said.

The secretary general and vice president of LTF, Ruth Jappah and Kehleboe Gongloe respectively, were also in attendance.


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