‘Team Peabody’ Wins Team LIFE Challenge Fitness Purse

Team Peabody celebrating their Team LIFE Challenge victory_web.jpg

A group of virtually youthful and career men and women, dubbed Team NBA but affectionately called “Team Peabody” clinched a treasure of US$2,000 after winning a hard-but-interesting fitness match, called the Team Life Challenge’s fitness exercise held at Myrtle Beach, in the Kenedja community over the weekend.

‘Team Peabody’ was named after their leader, Stan Peabody. Their color was Lemon green.

The group emerged champs when they outshone “Team Pygmy Hippos” another group of five, whose color was dark orange, in a two-race fitness game called the Captain’s Wheel Barrow.

The team leader (captain) holds the feet (legs) of each of his four members who walk on their hands to reach a designated place. And together, they pick up a truck’s tire and put it around a peg in the sand. The team must finally carry the captain to the starting point.

Interestingly, Peabody swapped his captain’s band, but the stout-and-strong captain of Team Pygmy Hippos, Devon Solomon braved the challenge to the end.

The Hippos became unlucky when the first player, a Lebanese, fell while walking on his hand, requiring them, according to the rule, to start all-over. But Team Peabody, despite their newly created muscular captain, the players, including Peabody himself, was intact walking with their hands to the end.

“Our win depended on trust, strength and responsibility to one another,” Stan said, “I dedicate it to my parents, Stanton and Cora Peabody.”

For his part, Devon described the game as “exercising and interesting” and promised to top the second edition, which will be held within the next six months.

Meanwhile, Team Pygmy Hippos emerged as best of three teams in Group B, to reach the finals. Members include Beast Mode (orange), and the Regulators (Gold).

Team Peabody surfaced the best of four teams in Group A. The members were Navigator (Sky blue), Born Winners (forest green) and Pink (pink).

Each group of five members registered with US$200 (US$40 per team member).

For the preliminary round, each member of the group is to hold or pick-up a half bag of rice (25kg) and walk or run in a tire – (tire run’s game), and crawl with the rice under a low-net (without the rice touching the ground) and then walk over a hurdle (a high stick). The group’s member will again do same exercise with the rice to return to starting position for relay to his or her team member until all members are through.

Amongst the groups, Team Pink comprised “more mature” contestants, with the likes of Madam Pauline Findley and Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar (the Poet).

However, despite their ages, they participated fully, even to the end by walking and crawling with the half bag of rice.

“I would not consider this as a defeat; this is a victory because it makes us work out and exert some energy and have some fun,” Madam Dunbar said.

“To turn your muscles and have fun is part of life,” she said, “and I can assure the organizers that I will be here for every event because I am encouraged—it is fun.”

One of the participants of Team Born Winner, who begged for anonymity, said the fitness game was interesting, but she urged the organizers to employ more observers or judges to curtail cheating during the fitness game.

She argued that most of the members in the seven groups did not accurately follow the rules because of “few monitors and judges.”

She also urged the organizers to have runners-up prizes.

Madam Kuki Vincent and Mr. Himien Cooper of the Liberian Intense Fitness Exercise (LIFE), in collaboration with Republik Marketing, organized the Team LIFE Challenge fitness meet.

According to the duo, LIFE was founded in January 2014 to create a society for fitness people.

They said the name Team LIFE Challenge, which includes the half bag of rice, tires; log and sand depicts the everyday hustle that goes on around Liberia.

“We hope more Liberians as well as foreigners would be part of the second edition in December, which is expected to be bigger than this one,” Himien said.  “Our mission is to promote fitness in Liberia.”

“We want to hail our sponsors, ACICO Assurance, Retz Cars Rental and Aquarius Water and we want to thank every participant,” Kuki intoned.  “It is our dream to build a modern fitness gym in Liberia by 2015.”


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