Stop Killing the Momentum of Our National League

One of many photos that shows how passionate our players are during the league. (Photo credit: Anthony Kokoi,)

The national league ended in August 2017 with LISCR emerging double champions in the first division and Barrack Young Controllers junior team, BYC II clinching the second division category.

Unlike our local league, some African leagues have resumed while others have produced fixtures and resumption dates for their respective leagues, although they climaxed their leagues after Liberia.

In Nigeria, the previous league season ended on September 9, 2017, a month after Liberia, and the ongoing new league season resumed on January 14, 2018.

Over the years, the national league has struggled to gain the momentum it had in the past. In the past, thousands of supporters of competing teams assembled at various match venues to cheer their respective teams to victory; something that no longer exist. This low momentum in the local league, according to some football followers, is based on the lack of competitive and entertaining matches in the league.

Despite the low turnout at various matches, enthusiasm still exists among the players, and some passionate supporters regularly make their way to these matches to cheer their teams. In addition, the media and some clubs continue to provide full coverage and add some side attractions through various media platforms including social media to reawaken that momentum.

Sadly, things continue to go the wrong direction and the momentum continues to die down. Since November, two months after the close of the 2016/2017 league season, several clubs resumed preparation for the new league season, with the anticipation that it will kickoff in January.

Moreover, clubs expend huge funds to conduct regular training for their teams, but the frustration among players continues to grow. This also led to champions club LISCR organizing a pre-season tournament and traveling to Sierra Leone for a training camp to maintain their players’ fitness.

Despite all of this, the football house seems to be comfortable with the prevailing circumstances and perhaps wants the league to resume after the congress slated for March. This is based on the disclosure made by LFA Secretary General Emmanuel Deah during the 22nd Ordinary Congress. Following the climax of the congress on November 25, 2017, Deah told sports journalists that following a meeting with club presidents, the national 1st and 2nd division leagues were set for kickoff in the second week of January.

The ongoing preseason without a set date has now become boring to players and causes embarrassment to coaches due to the failure of the LFA to produce a fixed calendar of its league season.

Furthermore, since the climax of the league in August, there has not been any official closing ceremony done by the LFA, not to mention the presentation of awards in recognition of the outstanding performance of individual players last season.

Should our national league continue to go this direction? Should we continue to be in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons? Should this be a tradition in our footballing sector where there is no fixed calendar for our league?

Please, football authorities! Stop killing the momentum of our national league.


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