STG FC Brings 4 Foreign-based Players to Liberia

STG FC's four foreign players: Niamgaly Daamane, Tete Agbagba and Mayere Lounin, all from Abijan, Ivory Coast and Assaiadou Eric from Conakry, Guinea.

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The Scott-Tabi Group (STG) of Companies football club has brought into the country four of its foreign-based players scouted over several months.

Niamgaly Daamane, Tete Agbagba and Mayere Lounin, all from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on Monday, October 21, 2019, showed up for practice at the temporary STG playing pitch in Paynesville.

Next to the Ivorian players is Assaiadou Eric from Conakry, Guinea, who because of his “good performance” in that country’s major leagues, has won the admiration of Martin Scott-Tabi, president of the Scott-Tabi Group (STG) of companies.

STG is an international group of companies operating in Avion, France, Ankara, Turkey, Monrovia, Liberia, etc.

Mr. Scott-Tabi said his organization is involved in a series of programs and productions, including the making of quality medicated soap and the promotion of talents, mainly football.

“I am pleased with the incoming players because I have followed them for over two years now, and it is my pleasure to include them into the team in Liberia since my mission covers the world,” Scott-Tabi said.

He added that the objective of grooming the football talents is to allow them to benefit from their talents, while they are still young.

“We have contacts with good football clubs in Europe, Asia and some other parts of Africa where the game is played for good money; mainly when those who play it are up to the task,” he said.

Recently the STG FC played a decisive friendly match with the River Cess County team, and defeated them 4-2.

“The STG FC is a football academy currently undergoing construction and it is our plan that not only the game of football will be taught at the academy, but also academic lessons, so as to allow our players have control over their future wealth from the game,” Scott-Tabi said.

He said with the arrival of the four players, the total number of the players of his team is now 40, and as time goes by they will all be required to reside at the academy for them to have complete concentration on learning good lessons and playing good football.

Niamgaly Daamane, said he and his colleagues are in Liberia to fulfill their dream of becoming better players, and have the opportunity to travel to Europe, and other parts of the world where the game of football is one of highly well paid profession.


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