Montserrado Community League Playoffs Quarterfinals Today

Cece United midfielder Prince Sannah celebrates after scoring against Zanthy FC during the group stage at the ATS

It will another scene of splendid performance by young talents when the last four teams of the semifinal slots in the ongoing Montserrado Community League playoffs will today be decided at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium when eight teams battle for the four slots.

In the first match, Downtown FC and Habiba will enter into a tough clash to secure the first tickle for the semifinals, while the second semifinalists will be decided between Nas FC and PYC in the day’s second encounter.

Having advanced to the quarterfinals as representatives of the ELWA Subcommittee league, Zion FC and Stages FC will face each other in an entertaining encounter, with one team advancing to the semis to represent the subcommittee.

The ELWA Subcommittee last week congratulated its two representatives for properly representing the community league in the playoffs after reaching the quarterfinals.

In today’s final encounter, CCIP or Cece United will become the last semifinalists, when both team climax the quarterfinals matches.

In a related development, officials of the last 16 teams in the national 3rd division playoffs have expressed frustration with authorities of the Liberia Football Association for the delay in the resumption of the playoffs since qualifying from the regional playoffs in their respective regions.

According to on the Chief Executive Officer of one of the 16 teams, Elvis Sirleaf, his team is going through lots of financial burdens keeping its players under regular training sessions as the playoff is yet to resume.

“It’s frustrating for those teams who have come from out of town and are still waiting to come, even for us, too, who have kept players camped and training since we left Bomi on Aug 20,” he said.


  1. Do not bring your politics in my soccer game. On this football field in Montserrado, we give chicken soup, kayanne, onion, and work the ball by looking all the time. You see we capture the last county meet and we are getting ready for the next one. If you bring your campaign here, you will not win. We have a together team. Do not reborize our game. Whether you vote or not its your problem.
    Gone to my next generation players in soccer with silence.


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