Lutheran Youth Seek Support to Construct Sports Complex

Draft design of the basketball and track and field portions of the sports complex (photo credit: Dada P. Kpakela)

After crafting a proposed plan to rebuild its official campsite, the National Lutheran Youth Fellowship is seeking financial support to construct the facility that includes a sports complex in Bong Mines, Bong County.

The sports complex was included in the fellowship’s plan to host sporting events during its annual retreats, summer camps, and other national events.

The drafted football pitch of the proposed sports complex (photo credit: Dada P. Kpakela)

The fellowship put the targeted amount needed to rebuild the camp to US$300,000.

The sports complex will include a football field with an ample sitting capacity, two basketball courts, a track and field, and a playground. There would also be two dressing rooms by the basketball courts.

The fellowship’s official campsite was destroyed during the civil war.

The camp will also include 18 cabins, divided into two male and female dormitories. The structure, according to the fellowship, will host over 200 participants.

The proposed official campsite of the National Lutheran Youth Fellowship (Photo credit: Dada P. Kpakela)

According to the president of the Monrovia District Lutheran Youth Fellowship, Jerome Jallah, the construction of the facility will also help reduce huge funds expended by the fellowship to host its annual sporting activities.

“Annually, we spend a huge sum of money to rent sports facilities and lodging areas, which we believe is not helpful to us.

“We are therefore calling on Lutherans in and out of Liberia and well-meaning Liberians to assist us in the rebuilding of our campsite and sports complex,” he said.


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