Club President Wants Strong Policies for Youth Football

Cece United Football Academy president Paywala Janyan address his players following their 3-1 win over Zanthy FC

Cece United Football Academy club president Paywala Janyan wants authorities of the Liberia Football Association to formulate and implement policies that will govern youth football in the country. Making the call in a social media interactive forum, the grassroots football president said community teams including his (Cece United) are faced with difficulties relating to the restriction of top level players in the community league. Mr. Janyan, who has been involved with grassroots football for over five years, said younger talents in the community leagues will not be given the opportunity to explore their talents if top-notch players feature for other teams in the community leagues, something he said that has become a stumbling block for youthful players. “Though some team officials including friends have expressed dislike over the proposed restriction policies, we continue to strive for the right things to be done,” he said.

According to Mr. Janyan, Cece United in collaboration with other youthful clubs has taken the initiative to write a formal communication to the LFA to restrict top level players in next season’s community league. “Since I brought up this issue about restrictions in the community league to the Competition Department of the FA, the committee has assured that starting next season, restrictions on top level players will be implemented,” the Central Monrovia club president said. The restriction, according to Janyan, will not only apply to Central Monrovia, but all community leagues. “This is something I have highlighted as one of my complaints on how grassroots football is being handled over the years.”

At the same time, the Central Monrovia based club president said the LFA also needs to put good policy measures in place for clubs and county sports administrators for the annual National County Sports Meet. According to him, 3rd Division and community clubs are not benefiting from the counties in terms of compensation, security and the wellbeing of their players who travel to play for their counties. “County Meet officials want our players to play but don’t care where they are from. Little recognition should go to the grassroots clubs that those players are from,” he said. He added that not even a formal communication is sent to clubs by the county sports officials when using their players for the annual sports festival.

In December of every year, players from the 2nd Division level to community leagues travel to various counties to play in the annual national sporting tournament. Since the foundation of the Cece United Football Academy, several talented players at the academy have been spotted by 1st Division clubs.


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