Cece United U-17 Secures First Target

Sinkor based Cece United U-17 line up

Following its qualification to the Big 5 of the Central Monrovia Community League, the next target of the Sinkor based academy/club was to advance to the Montserrado Community Playoffs and subsequently win the championship. The team has accomplished its first target of qualifying to the playoffs after a verdict from the sub-committee against its previous opponent Real Sociedad.

The sub-committee ruled against Real Sociedad for violent conduct exhibited by one of its senior staff on match officials. The staff in question was earlier given a marching order due to the misconduct when he expressed his frustration over a tackle on one of his attackers in the penalty area. While on the stand, the team official, unidentified, later threw a rock at the referee who then sent him off the field during the first half break.

The scores were leveled at halftime after Sociedad came from behind to get the equalizer having conceded a goal in the early minutes. Cece United took the lead through skillful forward and captain Tony Shilley, and later had an opportunity from the spot to double its lead, but the opportunity was denied by Sociedad’s goalkeeper. Cece United, representing Saye Town in the playoffs, was paired against Zubah Town FC, SYP FC, and Zahnty FC and will take on Zahnty FC today in its first match.

The playoffs, which involve top teams from the various sub-committees in Montserrado County, is the qualification process to the 3rd Division Championship.


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