Why Must SWAL Justify Its Relevance?

SWAL’s treasurer Momo Siryon, left, President Roland Mulbah_web.jpg

The presence of the deadly Ebola virus in the country is leaving a legacy of inactivity in many organizations and therefore it is no surprise that the Sports Writers Association of Liberia, SWAL, has been seriously affected.

Evidently, the suspension of football activities by the Liberia Football Association, and other sports to prevent mass physical contact was the death of sporting activities and as result the activity of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia.

Though SWAL is supposed to look over what is being done to help athletes or lead in their sensitization to fight the deadly Ebola virus, it has been absence in such a national effort. SWAL has failed to get the LFA and other sports associations together in the fight, and as a result questions SWAL’s social responsibility as an auxiliary body of the Press Union of Liberia.

It stands to reason that since SWAL is sports related, and since sports are suspended as a measure to fight the deadly Ebola virus, the members should make themselves relevant, by coming together to identify with the Liberia Football Association, the Liberia Handball Association, along with other sporting organizations to move on the fight against our number one enemy, Ebola.

It is a fact that physical activity leads to an active body. Once people engage in exercises, they can gain a measure of physical excellence that can prevent catching ordinary cold, fever and other diseases. But we know Ebola is different.

This is a virus that survives, despite extreme effort at a person’s cleanliness, except chlorine or other preventive measures are applied to kill it. This is also a virus that is killed by the constant washing of hands with chlorine water. Why the SWAL has not mobilized its resources to give a helping hand in this national endeavor? I don’t have the answer and your guess can be good as mine.

True, local newspapers and weekly sports newspapers are reporting on games played abroad and the question that comes to mind is: what are they doing to educate their readers against the Ebola virus? Does the SWAL have the vision to suggest some collaborative effort with the publishers, since they are no physical reporters, to fight the Ebola virus?

Sadly, news coming to me suggests that as far as the Sports Writers Association of Liberia is concerned, all is not well. I have been reliably learned that the leadership structure of SWAL is broken down with no respect to its functions, as far as final propriety is concerned. And so while the nation is mobilizing resources to regain our freedom from fear against Ebola, SWAL is up in arms with itself with leadership disunity. But I am reminded of SWAL President Mulbah’s platform of accountability and others that he rode on to victory last February.

There have been negative reports on certain radio broadcasts, suggesting impropriety in SWAL leadership. If SWAL’s members have had the audacity in the past to demand better performance at the LFA, I think, it is now important that we demand better performance of the leadership, and as a consequence becomes relevant to what it supposed to stand for.

That is, if at the end of this global fight against the Ebola virus, we want to be recognized among those who fought tooth and nail to destroy an enemy that brought our mortal existence to the fore front.


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