Why Does Bility See Danger if Shannon not re-elected?

President Bility, Shannon and the challenger Konneh_web.jpg

LFA President Musa Bility trusts his administrative staff and has expressed ‘danger’ if vice president for administration, Musa Shannon, is not elected in the March 22 elections.

Mr. Bility’s reason is his perceived danger to the smooth administration of LFA, without Musa Shannon, because “I’ll be like fish out of water,” Bility said, and noted that he has good working relationship with Mr. Shannon.

Though he admitted that his challenger, Sekou Konneh, evidence of his success as president of Barrack Young Controllers, is “a very good administrator,” it would take him much time to get use to Konneh, if he takes over from Shannon.

“It will take me a lot of time to adjust with someone new in my leadership,” Bility was quoted by newspapers as saying.

But I differ with Mr. Bility because his reasons for wanting Mr. Shannon re-elected did not mean that the in-coming Sekou, if successful would handicap his administration.

As a soccer fan, I realize that Mr. Bility did not make reference to the disqualification of Mr. Adolf Lawrence, his vice president for operations. And it is more humiliating when reports have indicated that (Daily Observer, March 18) the Appeals Committee has now found nothing wrong with VPO Lawrence and Sayon and has therefore re-qualified them to run. How did the Elections Committee not make the right decision the first time?

VPO Lawrence and Sayon raised in their reaction the questionable ‘due diligence’ carried out by the Elections Committee to qualify Mr. Cassell Kuoh (also known as Thomas McClean), who reportedly provided questionable qualification documents that surprisingly were overlooked.

I have had the occasion to suggest to Hon. Lawrence to let the LFA alone, since I hold the view that his job as a Lawmaker is more crucial than his role at the LFA. However, the manner of his disqualification and the eventual qualification by the Elections Committee suggests a level of incompetency.

What did Mr. Lawrence do that his wrong disqualification never affected Mr. Bility? On the contrary, the reason Mr. Bility provided, according to news reports about the ‘danger’ that would affect Liberian football with Shannon’s absence, is unrealistic and unfair to Sekou Konneh and those who have contributed so much to Liberian football.

I am convinced that Mr. Bility has seen the signs on the wall that Shannon’s days are over. Therefore, he must accept the change, when it comes, for he has admitted that Sekou Konneh is a very good sports administrator. At least the success of BYC can prove his case.



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